Xmas Fashion Gift Ideas: Everything Lips!!

Do you ever get tired of giving a so-so Christmas gift that seem to get more “uuuh okay” every year? It’s the same year after year, a scarf, a sweater, a bag, etc. So why not do something totally amazing this year? It’s okay if you still want to give your BFF these fashion pieces but let’s take it up a notch!

Give your BFF these useful fashion pieces but this year, give it a little twist – crazy prints and textures. See, no longer restricted to the feature of your face, red lips have been popping up on every garment lately, making it a must-have prints for designers and celebs all over the world.

I’m sure you also haven’t had enough of this lips trend. Lips, lips, and lips. So here’s my top 10 of every product that ‘contain’ lips. I think anyone can wear this trend and your BFF will love it! Just tell them that he key is just to how to style the trend, to have fun and play around with it.

fashion gift christmas  1. Au Jour Le Jour Lips Print Trouser, Far Fetch, Rp 4.722.000,- // 2.  3D Lips Iphone 5 Case , DVF, Rp 673.000, // 3. Tranish ‘lips’ Muffler, Nord Strom, Rp 350.650,- // 4.  Leather Purse, Lulu Guinnes // 5. Flats 10 mm, Chiara Ferragni, Rp 2.493.000,- // 6. Tote Bag Red Lips & Dots, Lulu Guinness // 7. Jennifer Loiselle Lips Earrings, Boticca, Rp 773.850,

Contributor: Ocha Ross
Illustration: Putri S

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