When You’re Under 160cm Tall

Standing under 160cm tall might sometimes be troublesome, but you don’t have to shy away from your small statures. Fighting with your own body can be a drag, so embrace it and take advantage of the benefits of having a petite body.


Dresses can be tricky for shorter people, but cinched style dresses are the perfect choice to define your proportions. Yep, this is the best key to show off your shape: going with clothing that’s nipped at the waist. Fit-and-flare dresses will help give you an hourglass shape, thus making you appear larger on top  for petite and rectangle. You can even toughen up your waist by adding your own belt that can define your torso and also rise a longer hemline.

Although you’re a petite, don’t be afraid to purchase dresses with details, bold patterns and colours. Get playful with the pattern on your dress. You should shop one that doesn’t overpower your size and cuts off right above your knee so that it can accommodate flats or heels without shortening the appearance of your legs. Showing extra leg will also help you appear taller.

You can definitely layer if you’re a petite. It is a great way to both show off your styling skills and add depth to your outfit ensemble. Your petite figure is the perfect type to take advantage of a great multi-layered look. Try wearing turtleneck (also great for small chested women), then layer it a slip dress with lighter fabric over that. This will look stunning for your body shape.

So in short, don’t be afraid of mixing and matching different pattern and bold colors. Try, and try, and try on outfits that don’t look too overwhelming for your petite frame!

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