Wearing Prints and Embellishment to Work

Hi girls! September has already started like 3 days ago and we wonder how did the time fly by sooo fast?! We thought it was just yesterday that we made the “Fall Around the Corner” issue and now we have already had a new isue! For this month, we are going to go with “The First of Everything”.

Some of you might have to start school again soon, or you maybe have to do your first assignment from your uni class, and I bet a lot of you might also going to experience your first day at work. The question that pops up to your head everytime you’re going for “first day of everything”, will always be like this: What am I going to wear? Fret not girls, because you are about to find out some styling inspirations that we’ve created for your first day at the office!

Work Outfit MSI(Stretch Cotton Trouser, at Mango; Pebbled Tote Bag, at Mango; Stretch-Crepe Turtleneck Top, at Calvin Klein; Embellished Silk Jacket, at Oscar de la Renta; Rose Gold-plated Cone Earrings, at Eddie Borgo; Gold-tone Ring, at Chloe; iPhone 5 Case by Skinny Dip; at Topshop; Leather Sandal with Track Heels, at ZARA)

How do you feel about wearing embellished jacket to work? I say, go for it! A special jacket like the one I used on the picture above can add an extra oomph to any simple outfit and it is also very eye-catching. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to wear, especially when you don’t really know how to combine it with other fashion pieces.

Ok, so the first thing you need to do if you want to wear this statement jacket to work is to make sure that all of your other fashion pieces are simple and also color coordinated. This will help you girls who work in a more formal office to keep your outfit subtle. However, if you work in less formal office setting, you’ll be okay to mix colors to add a little spice to your working outfit. But anyway, I will go for the simple one that can be worn at both formal or non formal office settings.

The thing is, you need to keep your look basic. Wear your embellished jacket effortlessly over a casual turtleneck sleeveless top and a pair of cream cigarette pants. The sleeveless turtleneck and pants combo is quite simple and casual, but the jacket will make it a fab outfit – and it’s also work appropriate!

Then, style the outfit ensemble above with a pair of heeled sandals or pumps (pick one that you like) and accessorize with a cute round ring and a lux leather handbag. The embellished jacket adds a touch of sophistication to your basic ensemble and it will nail this look for sure.

Work Outfit MSI(Moleskin Blazer with Elbow Patch, at ZARA; Check Boxy Blouse, at Mango; Shark Tooth Necklace, at Givenchy; Rolled Up Hem Trousers, at Mango; Leather city Bag with Front Pocket, at ZARA; Leather-trimmed Suede and Mesh Pumps, at Chloe; Gel Liner in Ink, at Topshop)

Some of you might work at an office that has a pretty strict dress code. You may think you can only wear a combo of white shirt and black pants for a formal office, but you are wrong. If you don’t have uniforms for the office, then you can experiment a little bit.

For the second style, I am going to go with a classy yet fun look to incorporate into your everyday work wear. Yes, we are going with prints for this look, but first, you should remember to go for classic colorways, this means if you want to wear prints to the office, you should opt for black, white, or pairings of red and navy blue, or cream. But because I’ve already used cream colored outfit for the first style, I am going to use blue and red shades this time.

For the top, I am choosing this classic check boxy blouse that is colored red and navy blue and is totally appropriate for the more-formal office setting. Then, layer your boxy blouse with a slim fit navy blue blazer. Layering with a blazer does not only make you look polished, but also make your whole look perfect for the temperature inside the office with all the air-con and stuff. For the bottom, you can wair a pair of sleek rolled trouser.

Top off this ensemble with a pair of low-heel or mid-heel pumps, a structured leather bag, and a simple necklace. Apply eyeliner too for the perfect finishing touch. So, are you ready to be the best dressed employee and also rock on your presentation? Goodluck girls!

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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