Wearing Neckerchief in the Summer

Scarves are most definitely not just for the colder weather. They can also be worn in summer. How? Wear them as a neckerchief! We have two styling ideas using Phantasien’s newest products, the Nine Coins scarf that are perfect for hot weather. Check them out!

Phantasien A 20

Nine Coins Scarf, at Phantasien; Off The Shoulder Top, at H&M; Checkered Pants, at Mango; Bag and Shoes, at Charles & Keith; Earrings, at Topshop

Have you ever hesitated before wearing a scarf because you live in an area where it’s sunny all the time? Don’t be afraid! It’s totally ok to wear scarf in the summer. First, you can wear a cute off the shoulder top, and tuck it into a pair of checkered pants. This combination looks sexy and smart at the same time, don’t you think? After that, wear a pair of ankle strap heels, and because this simple outfit needs a boost, you can always add Nine Coins scarf from Phantasien and be ready to get some compliments from your friends! Also, finish off the look with a pair of hoop earrings to add some oomph to the outfit.

Phantasien B 21

Nine Coins Scarf, at Phantasien; Off The Shoulder Top, at H&M; Pinstripe Skirt, at Mango; Bag, at Charles & Keith; Sandals, at Seychelles

For the second style, you can pair your off the shoulder top with this Nine Coins neckerchief from Phantasien. This will help emphasize your shoulders and bring more attention towards your face. Then, add a pinstripe skirt, a pair of colorful and comfortable sandals, and a medium tote bag. This outfit screams, “Summer Holiday!” So, don’t be afraid to wear a scarf in the summer, because you can wear it in so many different ways!

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