How To Wear Yellow For Fall

In fall, wearing the color yellow could be a little tricky, because usually the colors in fashion world that occurs in fall are dark ones. However, I guess the rich yellow hue will be totally appropriate for fall, only if you don’t wear it too much. You can occasionally brighten up your fall look with an electric pop of yellow. Because why not? After all, yellow is one of the colors of autumn leaves, right?

How to wear Yellow(Dogtooth Cigarette Trousers, at Topshop; Loose Fit Top, at Maison Martin Margiela; Waseme Wool-blend Blazer, at Malene Birger; Ankle Strap Pumps, at Valentino Garavani; Gel Liner In Ink, at Topshop; Classic Leather Satchel, at Topshop)

In fashion, yellow is like the ultimate highlighter. It is a shade that not only looks great on everybody, but also has the power to transform a simple look to polished in a snap. This is how to wear the bright color in fall. It is true that somehow darker colors look best in fall, but hey, the brighter color you are wearing, the brighter your day will be too!

Brightened up a pair of slick dogtooth cigarette trousers by adding a yellow loose t-shirt for your top. Because fall is already around the corner, a grey jacket over the yellow t-shirt will help you avoid the blustery wind. For a more polished look, you can tuck in the yellow top into your pants and leave the jacket un-buttoned.

For the accessories, combine the pants with a pair of black ankle strap pumps that is of course, comfortable and appropriate for a lazy stroll around the malls and even to wear to the office. Also, add a classic leather satchel to finish off the look. The grey jacket make the outfit fall-ready but the light yellow top is still perfect for summer, yes?

How to wear Yellow(Open Knit Skirt, at Stella McCartney; Silk Top, at Rag & Bone; Cropped Cloqué Sweatshirt, at Tibi; Mini Shopper Pocket, at ZARA; Roshe Run Mesh Sneakers, at Nike)

Soon, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and say hi to fall. However, you can certainly still add a jolt of bright yellow to fall’s otherwise dark palette. Wear yellow one at a time for an outfit with the perfect pop. You can jazz up the fall season and get your happy fix with a bright yellow top, for example. You’ll be especially glad for the lift once fall rolls in.

If you’re feeling shy, you don’t have to go full out in yellow to embrace the color. You can start with a combination of a yellow top covered with a neutral sweatshirt to ease yourself in. It will minimise the effect of the yellow, but will still give you the hip vibrance without the yellow overpowering you too much.

Sweatshirt is one of the greatest options for fall, but if you want to wear it, just make sure to leave your yellow t-shirt hanging under the hem of the sweatshirt – because you want to show that bright top on the first place right? I guess a crop sweatshirt will be best for this look.

Then, get the street-style vibe by adding a mini open knit skirt that will complement both the sweatshirt and the yellow top. Also, you will look even more trendy and fab if you complete this ensemble with a pair of bright sneakers.

Yellow is great to wear with some of the neutrals, especially white, black, and grey. So, after reading this article, will you embrace yellow for fall?

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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