What to Wear: in Public Transports

Public transportation is one of the most important things that can not be separated from our daily life, especially for those of you who work and have to travel from one place to another a lot of times. Here in the city where I live (Jakarta) and maybe in the city you are living, using the public transportation may be a lot easier than driving somewhere, especially when you’re stuck in traffic or your work is too far away (and hey, cabs cost too much!). Am I right?

Recently, there are a lot of criminal cases happened in various public transports. Those crimes often happened to women who are considered to be weak and are easy targets. So what do we have to do to prevent those bad things? We can start with the easiest, to wear an appropriate outfit that doesn’t reveal too much. I have made two styles that you can use for inspiration here.

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The first style I am going to give you is the perfect style to wear if you want to look fashionable and up to date without being too revealing. Like what I said earlier, the easiest way to prevent those crimes is to wear something appropriate, like a pair of denim jeans. The boyfriend or mom jeans are totally on trend now, so you can wear them instead of your usual skinny jeans.

Then, team them with your favorite printed blouse or shirt. This is a great way to bring your jeans to the next level without looking a little too much! Just tuck your shirt into your jeans or you can also let it hang outside your jeans.

If you want to look even more up-to-date, wear those stylish sneakers. Keep it simple by wearing a pair which colors are the same with your shirt or blouse. You can wear flats or loafers, or any shoes you like, but I tell you that sneakers can give you a strong and tough look, so people will think twice before they want to disturb you.

Apply a really minimal make up and complete your outfit with a cross body bag (this is important too!). I think a cross body bag is a lot safer than any other bag. You should keep it crossed on your shoulder and put it in front of your body whether you’re standing or sitting down.

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It’s not true that you can’t look stylish if you have to go somewhere by a public transportation. You just need to think of the trends that are happening right now and style it in the most appropriate way. So this is another simple yet fab style to wear in a public transportation.

Yes, plaids are back, AGAIN, this season and you can find them all over fashion stores right now. They are actually timeless and versatile too! That’s why I am going to use this amazing print for the second style.

It’s actually quite simple. Find your favorite plaid top (you name it: plaid shirt, plaid t-shirt, or plaid jumper) and combine it with a pair of khaki pants. Uh huh, pants again, because it’s a lot safer than skirts or shorts. Why do I recommend you to team your plaid top with a pair of khaki pants? Because they are great fashion pieces to complete any top you have. The color is pretty and khaki pants also create this smart yet fab look to your outfit.

Then, remember that the best bag to wear in public transportation is cross body bag. But if you want to wear a hand bag or any other bag — it’s okay, as long as you keep it in front of you or hanging on your shoulder the whole time.

Finish your look with a pair of flats with ankle straps, because they are cute and so in! Oh and you can also paint your nails in striking colors too. That’s totally stylish and safe.

So there you are, two styles that you can wear in a public transportation. Just remember some tips:

  • Do not ever show your valuable stuff while on public transportation, such as wearing excessive jewelry, plays phones, and other things that can attract the attention of others. This will trigger a crime such as mugging
  • Never, ever, wear revealing clothes. When deciding to travel frequently, do not wear clothes that are too tight
  • The most appropriate fashion piece to wear when you need to go somewhere by public transportation, is a pair of pants or jeans. It’s the safest. If you need to go to work and you must wear skirt, you can put it inside your bag and change as soon as you arrived at your office.

Do you girls have any tips that you want to add to our list? Please write them down on our comments below!

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