What to Wear for Pregnant Ladies?

For you all pregnant ladies out there, let me tell you this, being pregnant does not mean that you can’t be stylish or you can’t follow the trend that is happening right now. The most important thing though, when dressing up while you’re pregnant is that you have to wear pieces that will make you look and feel beautiful, but also will allow you to enjoy your days as a pregnant woman. The main key is comfort.

You may have to give up your normal clothes and start wearing the most basic clothing pieces there is, but hey, let’s wear them in a fun way that will make you look as stylish as you were before!

pregnant ladies essentials(1. Cotton-muslin Shirt, at Helmut Lang; 2. Hinge Plate Holdall, at Topshop; 3. Metallic Wedge with Platform Sole, at ZARA; 4. Rose Gold-plated Diamond Bracelet, at Monica Vinader; 5. Reclaim To Wear Ditsy Floral Culottes, at Topshop)

The first thing you need to do to achieve the above look, is go into your closet and put aside anything that is too tight. Nothing says “comfy” more than an oversized or, you can call it the boyfriend shirt when you are picking fashion pieces to wear while being pregnant. Boyfriend shirt is such a trendy and timeless piece and it’s the best top there is to add to your maternity collection. It is also highly versatile! So it’s easy to dress it down or up on almost every occasion.

After you’ve picked the top, combine that boyfriend shirt with a pair of cullotes. Yes, another comfortable piece that you can wear while you’re pregnant. You might not be able to wear denim cut offs, but cullotes are pretty cool to be paired with a boyfriend shirt. Keep the look clean by tucking half of your shirt into the cullotes, and it can camouflage the few pounds you may gain in the first month.

You have to accessorize, since this look is quite simple. I recommend you to wear a nice bracelet and also bring a leather hand bag with you to keep your belongings safe. Then, finish off the look with a pair of flatform sandals or slip on sneakers, anything that is very comfortable.

See? The white shirt is given a chic upgrade with a printed cullotes and a flatform sandals. The handbag and the necklace make it even more put-together. I believe this look would make another great transition piece for after the baby is born as well, because it’s timeless and stylish!

pregnant ladies essentials 2(1. Maternity Georgina Blazer, at Topshop; 2. Maternity Moto Black Mom Jeans, at Topshop; 3. Palm Leaf Print Split Side Tee, at Topshop; 4. Mini Shopper With Pocket, At ZARA; 5. Metallic Textured-leather Sneakers, at Lanvin)

For office worker, I know that you still need to go to work while you’re pregnant, at least until the last three months of your pregnancy. But what to wear to the office? Here is when the blazer comes in!

I’d say put on a comfortable printed-tshirt for the office, and then cover it up with a sleek black blazer. This combo is already attractive and looks really fashionable even for pregnant women. And then, if you are more of a pants girl, combine your t-shirt and blazer with a pair of trousers.

Yes, don’t be afraid that you won’t find a pair of trousers that fit you, because nowadays, even brands like Topshop are making super comfy and chic pants that will fit your pregnant belly, so wear them! They sometimes even have a hidden adjustable panel.The panel is more like a belly band that can help ease back pain and also give your stomach extra support, so that’s really useful.

For the footwear, gosh, forget about stilettos for now! Because you are pregnant, comfortable shoes are the most practical choice. You can wear a pair of slip on sneakers to give this look a bit of an edge, or you can also stick with a pair of flats for a simple yet cute look. This outfit ensemble will allow you to create just the trendy maternity look to turn head at the office!

So what are you waiting for? Open up your closet and be a stylish pregnant lady!

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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