Ways to Wear Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket has a history in style. It first appeared in the ’30s, when the British brand Baracuta created the first G9 jacket.  In the ’50s, these waist-length jackets were popularized by Elvis Presley and James Dean movies, and the jacket was later carried over in the ’70s and ’80s. With all the history, some clothing company still make the same model until now, like Baracuta and Fred Perry.

For Spring season, a lighweight jacket like this one is perfect for layering. Wearing them for your outerwear will make your summer outfit more spring-appropriate. In addition to that, the Harrington is the most perfect lightweight jacket when it comes to suiting it to any occasion. They are so versatile – they can be worn with whatever. If you don’t believe me, scroll down and find out how amazingly easy to style this jacket.

how to wear harrington jacket 1 
(1. Chinos with Belt, at ZARA / 2. Poplin shirt, at H&M / 3. G9 Original, at Baracuta / 4. Type 5 Crepe Sole Leather Penny Loafers, at Adieu /5. Heat Canvas Tote Bag, at Yoshida Kaban)

There are a number of ways the Harrington jacket can be incorporated into an outfit. That’s why, like I said before, it can be worn with whatever. The colors that will never go out of date are probably black, beige, or navy blue, since these color versions suit everyone and are the easiest to style.

However, nowadays there are also a huge number of colors available for you to choose. Even though it can be especially tricky to pull off, if you have your own personal style and know how to rock other colors, you can have a bold statement like how James Dean did years ago.

Harrington goes really well with smart pieces, so the first style I am going to give you is a more polished look, with red colored Harrington Jacket. The first step is to layer your Harrington over a shirt. You can pick any shirt you like, plain, printed, but for me gingham works the best. Remember to keep the top button done up because it looks more refined.

For the bottom, sharp trousers or chino will be great for this look. Pick neutral colors, like black or navy blue. It’s probably best to tuck in your shirt into your pants to create the “smart” aura. Then, a statement red Harrington Jacket like this goes well with a decent pair of loafers for a slightly informal work look. Complete the outfit with canvas tote bag to put your belongings. So sophisticated.

how to wear harrington jacket 2
(1. Mens G9  Slim Fit Harrington Jacket, at Baracuta / 2. Striped Linen T-Shirt, at ZARA / 3. Chino Trousers with Denim Waistband, at ZARA / 4. Shadow Original Suede and Mesh Sneakers, at Saucony / 5. Backpack with Contrast Straps, at ASOS)

With Harrington Jacket, nowadays you have a greater choice of colour. It’s so useful especially when if you want to wear your Harrington purely for casual looks. Fashion designers have started to release Harrington Jackets in bold colors (even pattern too!), so it’s up to your personal reference.

For the second look, I am going to try with a slightly bolder colour to stand out from the usual darker jacket – blue. I will give you a casual look this time, so wear your blue Harrington over a striped printed long sleeve t-shirt. For the t-shirt you can choose whatever color suits you best.

Then, some simple slim fit grey chinos will give you more scope for colour in this look and will keep the outfit looking sharp. You can roll your chinos up a little to show off your up to date pair of sneakers. Finish off with a back pack or tote bag.

See? It’s so easy to achieve the casual look with Harrington Jacket that can be put together. You only need minimal styling, wear pieces that you’ve already had in your wardrobe – simple t-shirt, chinos, and sneakers, and you can recreate James Dean’s look in a flash. Do you like the Harrington? How would you wear yours?

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