Ways to Wear Skirt to Work

Dressing for the office can be a tricky task, but here we have created two styling ideas that can help you balance between effortlessly chic and still appropriate to be worn at work. Scroll down to find the inspirations~

Effortlessly Chic Working Outfits 2


These two styling ideas might be more preferable for those of you who work as a designer, journalist, or any other jobs that do not require their employees to wear uniforms.

For the first style, we combined a crips plaid button up shirt and tucked it into a denim skirt. This denim skirt still has appropriate hemline, so it is still acceptable to wear to the office. However, it is also okay if you prefer to wear a longer denim skirt (still looks good with this style!). Then, complete the look by layering a grey cardigan over your shirt, wear a pair of oxford shoes for your footwear, and a black messenger bag.

The second look is more preppy. Again, with the same plaid shirt, but we mixed it with a brown suede skirt. To give the whole look even more preppy vibe, you can complete it with a layer of red cardigan, a pair of black slip on sneakers, and a brown leather messenger bag.

Both these look are chic and also office appropriate. Remember that it is not only heels that look best for the office, sneakers and oxfords can do the trick as well!

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