Ways to Wear Green Khaki

Hey, friends! Have you ever thought of wearing greenish khaki? If you have never thought about that, you should! Greenish khaki is the color that has an edgy vibe if you wear it and you really should have at least one item of it in your wardrobe.

To be honest though, sometimes greenish khaki could be hard to style, since the color is not as common as black or any other neutral colors. However, if you really know how to incorporate this color to your wardrobe, you can actually make it as versatile as black, without being so heavy in appearance. To give you some examples on how to wear greenish khaki, check out the styling ideas below!

Greenish Khaki 1(1) Peach Pit Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses, at Le Specs (2) Leather Culottes, at Tibi (3) Aries Morris Top, at Farfetch (4) Trésor Knot Bracelet, Saint Laurent (5) Weekend Wanderer Bag, at ModCloth (6) Amethyst Bar Studs, at Topshop (7) Semi Matte Lipstick, at NARS (8) Sandals, at H&M

Since it’s summer, I want to create a look that’s perfect for you to wear when the sun shines bright outside. This look is best to be worn for a cute picnic with your friends or just a casual summer stroll around town. Let’s start!

Girls, I told you before that sometimes it’s hard to incorporate green khakis to your wardrobe, because the color is a bit uncommon. However, the secret is that actually green khakis can go with just about any color! But you would probably have to stay away from wearing more green. The best color to wear with greenish khaki would be beige or brown. That’s the reason why in this first style I am combining an edgy shredded green khaki top with a pair of beige culottes.

Because you have already put on two colors into this look, it will be nice if you keep your accessories as subtle as possible. In this case, all black accessories will be your best option. Youc an try wearing a pair of comfortable flat sandals (this type of sandals are so in right now and it’s perfect to be mixed with a pair of culottes!), a black leather wanderer bag, earrings, and also shades – because it’s summer, obviously. Finish off the look before you go out of your house by applying red lipstick to your lips.

This ensemble is perfect for summer since the top and the bottom are both comfortable and breathable! You can also see how all of the colors match really well with each other.

Greenish Khaki 2(1) Fine-knit Jumper, at H&M (2) Knitted Thigh High Socks, at Fevrie (3) Almira Bag Painted Man, at Monki (4) Soft Khaki Shorts, at Oasis (5) Michelle Rings, at Monki (6) Sixty Seven Aino Leather Platform – White, at Nasty Gal (7) Peach Side Babe, at Essie

I will tell you the key on dressing up in summer: greenish khaki is the bomb! Be them in a pair of casual capris, pants, or shorts. That’s why for the second style I want to create a Japanese Summer Look by using a pair of cute green khaki shorts for you to wear during the warmer months. In summer, a cotton green khaki shorts can become the go-to bottom to wear anytime.

As I told you before, green khaki goes really well with beige or brown, but white can also be another option to mix with this rich color. So, if you have a pair of green khaki shorts, I recommend you to mix them with a cute white knit jumper. I love how the jumper can balance out the shorts—and with this color combination, your body issues won’t be as apparent too!

The footwear options for this look is really wide but since I want to create a “Japanese Summer Look” with this ensemble, I want you to try wearing a pair of platform shoes, completed with a pair of high socks. Roll down the socks until they reach just above your ankle. It will create a really cute Japanese doll look. Last but not least, put all of your belongings to your favourite tote bag, thrown on bunch of rings on your fingers, and decorate your nails with pretty nail arts!

So yeah, love it or hate it, greenish khaki will always be here and I bet after this you can’t wait to wear one!

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