Warm Peach Eyes

Do you know that peach makeup is one of the most universally flattering beauty trends nowadays? Peach is usually associated with summer and spring, and definitely perfect for you if you live in tropical areas. Peach hues are fresh and they can give your skin a subtle pick-me-up. If you’re ready to try this beauty trend, go grab your make up bag and follow along so you can look sweet as peach as soon as possible!

Recreate The Look - Statement Peach Eyes

Oh, peach is so pretty and so warm, they can make even the oldest person on earth look youthful and fresh! If you want to wear peach makeup, here is a key to remember: The fairer your skin tone is, the softer peach you should go for. If you are dark-skinned color, you can opt for deeper shades of peach.

Peach makeup doesn’t need to be all about lipsticks and blushes. Today, we want to show you how to wear peach eyeshadow that can make your eyes look more awake. So first thing first, use a long-lasting eye primer, this will help prevent your makeup from transferring everywhere. You gotta make sure your makeup stays put for whatever the day has in store. Then, coat all your upper lid with this pretty peach shade called Mete’or Eye Shadow from Sephora. Using your finger or a blending eyeshadow brush, blend it out toward the outer corner of your eye.

For your face, try to skip your foundation and just wear this lightweight Cushion Compact from Rollover Reaction. It has medium coverage and is perfect to wear daily after you apply your moisturizer and sunblock. Then, grab a highlighter, here we’re using  Goban’s Moon Shadow Highlighter that has some shimmer to it and lightly apply it to your forehead, nose, and chin. Make sure it’s blended well so your skin has a natural iridescent glow.

Last but not least, fill in your eyebrows with Agent of Brow from Emina. Do not forget to comb your eyebrows before applying it for a more fuller effect. Oh, and also to create a natural peachy tone, you can apply  Maple Waffle from BLP Beauty to your lips. If you don’t have this in your makeup bag already, you need to get one immediately. It’s the best! And voila, you’re ready to go and wow people with your peach eye makeup look!

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