Visionare Fashion Film Competition ’16

Around two months ago, VISIONARE created a Fashion Film Competition called VFFC 2016. As the first curated fashion video portal in Indonesia, they asked you all who wanted to join the competition to upload a 1 minute fashion film teaser on Instagram, and to mention also putting this hasthag #visionarefilm on the caption.

One of the most important premises of this competition is the idea of the film itself. So the participants would not have to worry about having or not having a professional camera to shoot the film, because it was not a requirement for this fashion film teaser to use professional models, branded clothes, or an HD picture quality. The thing is that you need to be as creative and innovative as you like!


After around two months, 5 finalists have been chosen by the panel of judges and the collaborating designers. These are the 5 filmmakers who made it to the final round:

1. SUMURUP by Alan Mahirma Lars (Yogyakarta) – collaborating with KRATON Auguste Soesastro
2. LE PETIT BISOU by Tito Van (Jakarta) – collaborating with designer Stella Risa
3. BLACK MAGNOLIA by Harris Syn (Jakarta) – collaborating with designer Andreas Odang
4. PERSONA by Kelvin DA & Irfan Faqih (Jakarta) – collaborating with designer Priyo Oktaviano
5. KALEIDOGOLD by Rido Powiguslaya (Jakarta) – collaborating with designer Yogie Pratama

My Styling Ideas team got the chance to witness the VFFC ’16 Screening on November 9th, 2016. The event also includes a talkshow with Anton Ismael (Pa’e), talking about Fashion Film as A New Platform — he told us that even until now, no one can actually define what a fashion film really is. Anton Ismael then played some videos, like Nick Knight x Naomi Campbell and Nick Knight x Kate Moss by SHOWstudio.

He also played his own beautiful fashion videos, the ones he created based on the photography to motion theory (remember, hashtag #thefutureisinmotion). Although it is still unclear what actually a fashion film is, the most important thing is that we can talk about absolutely anything, everything in it.



The event then continued with the screening of Persona, Kaleidogold, Sumurup, Le Petit Bisou, and Black Magnolia. And the winner for the first ever VFFC is… *drum rolls please!* Sumurup! Huge congratulations to Alan Mahirma Lars! Beautifully shot at beaches and inside caves, Sumurup deserved to win. Nonetheless, every film had their own beauty and meaning, and all the 5 finalists did a great job! We are hoping that there will be more and more creative people to submit their fashion films in 2017. We definitely can’t wait for next year’s VFFC!

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