Unique and Romantic Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while we actually must not say love just in one special day (because we have to share the love everyday!), that does not mean we can’t celebrate the Valentine’s Day just to have one day to dress up with our significant other. What should you wear if you guys decided to have a date on February 14th?

The Romantic Couple

(1) Sweatshirt, at Adidas Originals; Twill Pants, at Mr Porter; Travel Jacket, at Orvis; Lace Up Sneakers, at Puma (2) Longsleeve Dress, at Mixx Mix; Crew Cut Socks, at UGG; Metallic Sandals, at Prada; Grey Shoulder Bag, at Sole Society; Silver Rings, at H&M; Lipstick, at NYX

Now let us tell you that we are kinda bored with dates to a fancy restaurants or to the mall. Why don’t you give an idea to spend the Valentine’s Day wondering around museums, art galleries, or libraries? Yep, those are some different type of date you are going to have and what makes it better than a romantic but unique outfit to accompany your day?

Try wearing pink together — this is the trendiest color of the season based on the runway shows we saw last year, and pink also has made a comeback in men’s style. Ok, pink makes a great addition to outfits that have brown or khaki in it. So, go get your boyfriend a nice rosewood pink sweatshirt and combine it with a pair of khaki chinos. Then, balance the pink with traditionally more masculine accessories, like a green bomber jacket for outerwear and a pair of black sneakers for the footwear. This combo allows the rosewood pink sweatshirt to stand out and give off that warm, youthful vibe.

For you, you can scour the town with your boyfriend and find the most exciting art gallery by wearing a cute puce pink dress and wear it with a pair of salmon pink socks under another pair of metallic heeled sandals. Finish off the look with a faux fur mini bag. This outfit will scream pretty yet very unique, and it’s perfect for your next Valentine’s Day date.

So wear pink with pride. Because as you can see for yourself, when it’s worn the right way – pink makes any good style an awesome one!

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