Unboring Ways to Wear T-shirt

Girls, have you ever had this one day where you just don’t want to think about what to wear and then you end up with just a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans? This thing happened probably a lot of time if you live in tropical areas like I do – you don’t want to layer because the weather is hot and the hot weather just makes you lazy to think about what outfit you’re going to wear. So you end up with your simple t-shirt.

T-shirt is the most basic piece in your wardrobe and you might find them boring. However, it’s actually versatile and cool, and it’s a piece that is able to be worn any time. They might look very casual if you only pair it with jeans, but you have got to know that there are a couple of ways to dress them up! Curious? I will tell you how!

unboring ways to wear t-shirt(1) Simple Print Half T-Shirt, at Stylenanda (2) Printed Linen Shorts, at Collette Dinnigan (3) Intertwined Chains Bracelet, at Mango (4) Elevated Platform in Beige, at Young Hungry Free (5) Cat-eye Sunglasses, at Mango (6) Textured Leather Tote, at The Row

So, how can you put a fresh spin on the most classic item in your wardrobe? First, pick your favourite t-shirt out of your closet. Here I am using the simple print t-shirt that’s quite oversized. I love this type of t-shirt since it can give you a little laid back look and not too tight. Then, to make it look unboring, you can mix it with a stylish printed shorts. T-shirt will always look awesome if paired with shorts.

Look at the blue shorts I picked in the picture above, it has the “china-blue” feels to it and it’s really pretty. How to wear it with the t-shirt? I recommend you to tuck it into your shorts. After you tuck it in, you should pull your hands upward to leave the tucked t-shirt a little bit messier. Wearing a shorts to accompany your t-shirt is one of many fun ways to give a new life to your quite boring top.

And now for the footwear, actually there are no rules for that. Your t-shirt can be accompanied by any shoes you have, but I guess a pair of platfrom sandals will give this casual look a cute touch. For accessories, you can throw on a bunch of bracelets, put your make up case inside a leather tote, and finish off the look with a pair of cat eye sunglasses that will make you look fabulous while walking outdoor. This outfit is a perfect combination for weekend brunch, don’t you think?

unboring ways to wear t-shirt(1) Lauralee Tee, at Monki (2) Short necklace, at H&M (3) Addy Stretch-cotton Twill Boyfriend Pants, at Isabel Marant (4) Embossed Leather Clutch, at ZARA (5) Embossed Mules, at Charles & Keith

Another unboring way to wear t-shirt is to tuck it into a pair of sleek pants. At first when you have got nothing on your mind, like I said earlier, you might want to go for t-shirt and jeans combo. However, to top it up a notch, you should try to combine it with a pair of pants — for example a twill boyfriend pants or a ciggarette pants.

Isn’t it gong to be weird? Nope, because whether you are wearing a simple printed t-shirt or even a metal or rock band t-shir, wearing them with a pair of sleek pants will definitely dress up the look, and it does not look weird at all.

Pairing your most beloved t-shirt that looks kind of “slouchy” with something that is a bit more structured will help you look more polished. If you are a fan of wide-leg pants, you can easily swap to it too. It’s just a matter of personal style, just make sure not to wear jeans with the t-shirt because you need an unboring style, righttt?

Ok, so wearing a t-shirt with a pair of pants might look masculine, but oh wait! A pair of sexy heeled sandal and a tiny clutch will keep the whole look girly! Keep them simple, wear ones that has the same color as your top (for this look I am going with black). And last but not least, there is nothing better than adding some statement jewelery to your statement t-shirt. A very simple but amazing gold necklace will make you look even more put together! Finish off the look by applying a sexy red lipstick yto your luscious lips and you are ready to go.

Girls, if you think that both styles above are good looking, I guess you will need to add one more T-shirt to your collection!

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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