The Sexy Plum Lips

Which lipstick colour should you wear on your next evening occasions? We think that this season is the perfect time to swap out your classic red lip for a more unique hue and make a bold statement with your lipstick. We created a step by step tutorial on how to recreate the sexy plum lips like the picture seen under. Check it out!


First apply moisturizer on your face, followed by squeezing out some drops of Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint. Work it over your cheeks and chin, and all over your forehead and nose too. This is a sheer base that would give you a slight coverage without making your face cakey and greasy. This tint can create the actual no make-up make up look thingy, and it’s pretty awesome for you who does not have acne scars you want to hide. For you who currently have some breakouts to hide, try foundations that give you a more full coverage. Then, apply powder over top with a puff to absorb oil!

Next. Colored eye make up may scares you in some ways, but look at what the pretty model used above. She used a colored eyeliner (here we used Sephora’s Contour Inner Rim Gel Eyeliner). It’s just super simple and it will make your eyes look flattering. You can try any other color, but make sure that it will actually compliment your eye color. Finish with sticking your favourite faux eyelashes and don’t forget to define your brows (False Lashes and Brow Builder from Sephora).

Now for the lips, you can try the Vice Lipstick in Troublemaker by Urban Decay to achieve this look. This lipstick is a mixture of plum & mauve colour, and it’s really elegant! One of many tricks on applying lipstick is to apply them, and then put one sheet of tissue on your lips and apply some translucent powder. After that, try to apply your plum lipstick. This trick will help shape your lips and make it even more perfect in plum shades.

And Voila! You can recreate this simple make up with plum lipstick for your next evening events. Try to skip the glossy finish to avoid your matte lipstick looking messy!

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