The Playful Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac’s twin who hates to be bored. As a Gemini, you love to express yourself — you are like the communicator of the zodiac. You are also very expressive, thus making your wardrobe refreshed almost every season.

03 GEMINIA Gemini loves to be on trend and takes pleasure in wearing pieces that turn heads and have people asking questions, so you need to look for an outfit with an element of surprise. Mixing prints and colors is a Gemini’s dream outfit, full of wit and charm.  The outfit with fun pattern and texture you see above is the perfect example for it. It will do the work.

Enjoy combining a bright colored top with a pair of pants full of colours. Mixing prints and colors in cool tailored silhouettes like this will make your look fun yet elegant, and definitely eye-catchy. Also, you’re kind of masters of accessorizing, so throw on some bangles and rings on your arm and fingers. Put on cute earrings in striking color and finish off your outfit with a pair of statement buckled sandals, then you’re ready to go.

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