The OHAYO CO. Graphic Tee

T-shirts will never be the same once you know how to jazz them up. And how can you jazz them up with no other than wearing the graphic one? Graphic tees are having a huge moment this season, so the founder of My Styling Ideas with her partner (which is also a graphic designer), Gerry, are making this new clothing brand called OHAYO CO. and soon enough they will release their very first article — which is a graphic tee. Here, we are going to show you some styling ideas to wear with OHAYO CO. t-shirts!


This OHAYO CO. t-shirt with the word OHAYO written big in bright red is definitely a statement making, but it is not enthusiastically loud either. However, it gives you the best feeling with one word only, because Ohayo means good morning — so in this case, this t-shirt does the talking for you.

Be cool this weekend with your boyfriend or your brother by telling him to wear the OHAYO CO. tee and combine it with a pair of black chino shorts. Chino shorts are ideal because they can be dressed up or down, and this outfit is very versatile. They can wear the t-shirt and shorts combo in the afternoon for a summer stroll and then add a layer of bomber jacket over the tee for evening occasions. Complete the look with a cap, and a pair of sneakers with socks to really achieve the street look.

For you girls, if you want to take a more unexpected route, pair yours with a more dressy bottom. Nothing looks more effortless than a wide-leg pants paired with a graphic T-shirt. Tuck the OHAYO CO. tee to the pants and finish the look with a pair of hi-top Chuck Taylor to balance up your partner’s look. Then, add pink accessories to give this ensemble an accent. The red OHAYO logo will fit perfectly with your blush pink accessories!

So there it is, two styling ideas to wear this weekend with the man in your life! We still have two upcoming post for OHAYO CO. Don’t forget to follow OHAYO CO. on Instagram and stay tuned as they will be going to release their first article very soon!

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