The Energetic Aries

Hi Aries! While everyone else follows the crowd, you are often in the front, leading the pack. You are always independent and this translates into the attitude on how you dress yourself. When it comes to your clothing, you can always make head turns, that’s probably because you are the fire sign and you are meant to wear bold outfit ensembles!


You might like soft colors, but actually, the best color for you is those bright and warm shades. You gotta pay attribute to your fire sign and go for a breezy and carefree feeling by wearing bold colors like red or zesty orange and yellow.

Our recommendation, opt for red all over ensemble like in the picture above. This bold shade reflects your pure, raw energy and can show people that you are determined and confident. Red can also uplift your spirit!

Combine a red sweater dress with a pair of red heeled sandals, and give it a touch of warmer color with a super on-trend net bag in orange. Thrown on some layered necklace to make this look even more awesome. You may not wear the loudest print, but this outfit is effortless and fashion forward. Definitely best to wear when you need a bit of a confidence boost. Wear red, because that is the power color for you.

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