The Easy Summer Make Up

If you live in the tropical areas, the weather will feel like summer all year long. The hot blazing sun will be your best friend everyday and that means you should apply make up that won’t melt into a drippy mess once you go out of the house. So why don’t we recreate the make up look that is made for the steamy weather? Shall we start?

Recreate The Look - Summer Make Up

Ok, first of all always start off with moisturizer. Since it’s for steamy weather, try to apply one that is made from oil free material, so that it won’t make your face shiny. If you usually wear foundation, you still can add it over the moisturizer and still, opt for an oil-free foundation formula to match. Remember to only apply a light layer of foundation for this kind of weather.

Then, brush a light layer of shimmery peach to pink eyeshadow (Pro Longwear Point Pot, by MAC) across your lids and then place some lighter shadow in the corner of your eyes to help them pop. We use the metallic eyeshadow (Tarteist Metallic Shadow, by Tarte) to help make your eyes bigger. Then to avoid runny make up, try switching out your usual eyeliner and mascara to waterproof mascara and eyeliner (Push Up Eyeliner, by BeneFit). An eyecat eyeliner will look amazing for this make up.

Next, we encourage you to use cream, gel, or blush stain to avoid your make up looking cake-y when the warm weather hits. So don’t wear the powder one! Brighten up you cheeks with cream blush (Cheeklit Pressed Blush, by Emina — this one is actually not a cream blush, but this blush is not too powdery and the texture is hard, it’s quite good!) for more longevity in hot weather. Last but not least, finish off the look with one of the summer aesthetic: a killer peach lipstick (Liquid Lip Velvet, by Burberry)! Anddd you’re done!

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