The Carefree Graphic Tees

Are you a fan of graphic tees? Not only they are now so on trend, but if you know how to make them look polished and effortlessly put, you will have a lot of compliment. Though a graphic tee is typically associated with easygoing outfits, with a little creativity you can elevate this piece and make it part of a fashion-forward look!


(1) Blok M T-shirt, Footurama; Parosh Pencil Skirt, at FarFetch; Air Force One, at Nike; Crossbody Bag, at Rebecca Minkoff; Skeleton Earrings, at Amazon; Sunglasses, at Linda Farrow; Red Lipstick, at Clinique (2) Tiger Tee, at Stylenanda; Orange Pants, at Delpozo; Purse, at H&M; Hi-Top Chuck Taylor, at Converse; Leather Chocker, at Humble Chic; Aviator Sunglasses, at Michael Kors.

Try this, we combined the ‘BLOK M’ t-shirt from Footurama with a sleek dark green pencil skirt. Tuck or just front-tuck your tee to define the waistline and avoid looking sloppy. To still keep the vibe casual, you can wear your favourite pair of sneakers. Any kind of bag will be OK for this look. If you need to bring lots of stuff you can bring a bigger shoulder bag, but if you just need to go for a hang out, a mini crossbody bag will be good to go. Adding accessories can also help take your simple graphic tee to a whole new level. Take a look at the skeleton earrings we used in the picture above. Before you go out of the house, don’t forget to apply red lipstick to stand out more.

For the second look we choose a more graphic and more vintage tee: tiger’s head embellished on a white t-shirt. This is a more carefree look that’s perfect to wear for running errands on the weekend. Wear this tiger tee tuck into a pair of orange wide leg pants. Then, add more interest to your outfit by wearing a leather chocker, or maybe chunky rings! Finish off the look with a pair of comfortable hi-top Chuck Taylor.

Which one look better on you? We give you full permission to copy these looks as soon as possible!

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