Sweatshirts are the epitome of chic!

Sweatshirts are probably the most favourite fashion piece in my wardrobe, I have got a lot of them because it’s a really versatile fashion item.

Nowadays, sweatshirts come with different textures, colors, and shapes. So, when years ago sweatshirts used to be worn for lazy days and keeping you warm in cooler days, I’ll tell you now, not anymore! With some great upgrades, sweatshirts are now super chic and comfortable, and you can wear them anytime and with everything you like.

The sweatshirt is now an everyday staple, just as chic for weekend as it is for weekday busy time. Here I will show you how to make the most of this wardrobe must-have!

preppy chic sweatshirt1. Sweatshirt available at Rodarte; 2. Embroidered KKXX Button Down Shirt available at Stylenanda; 3. Striking Multi-Layered Necklace available at Forever 21; 4. Lipstick available at Make Up Forever; 5. Vivienne Westwood Consort Skirt available at Coggles; 6. Two-tone Leather Shoulder Bag available at Marni; 7. Max Heavy Sole Loafers available at Topshop

The first style I am about to give you is the “Preppy Chic”. As you all know, the preppy look is basically well balanced and clean. This put together look can be created by pairing the right colors, fashion items,  and patterns.

Sweaters, shirts and plaid skirts are three of the preppiest fashion items you can have inside your wardrobe for a starter. If you have all of them, let’s start creating the preppy chic look.

This is the fresh take on preppy. Motifs sometimes are not just for tees, it looks great on sweatshirts too (like the Rodarte sweats I picked in the picture), so wear one of them and do some layering. Before you wear the sweatshirt, put on a crisp white button up shirt. Cover it with the sweatshirt and keep your collar peeking on top of the hem. It’s a really smart combination and this layering style is perfect for cooler weather. Not only making you warmer but the layering thing can instantly bring a personality to your outfit.

Then for the bottom, you can try wearing a  plaid or gingham skirt. It can add a feminine yet classic feel to your whole outfit. The accessories you will need for this preppy look is a very simple necklace put under the collar of your shirt. Complete your look with a pair of loafers or brogues, because  they are totally preppy.  And for some final touches,  bring your small shoulder bag and apply  nude lipstick. Keeping a simple color palette will make the look classic.

dressed down sweatshirt1. Quilted Cable Sweatshirt available at Pull & Bear; 2. Gold-tone Crystal Necklace available at J. Crew; 3. Cross-hatch Cotton Blend Skirt available at Kenzo; 4. Pointy Shoes With Ankle Strap available ZARA; 5. Leather City Bag with Hand Detail available at ZARA; 6. Nail Polish available at Butter London

Nowadays, you can take your sweatshirt outside the gym! So for the second look, let’s “Dress It Down”. This is inspired by a lot of models’ off duty looks. Don’t be afraid to put out your playful side on display and go bold with this look.

If you are seeking that model off duty look, style your simple sweatshirt with bold accent fashion pieces, like this very feminine, lime green cross-hatch skirt and a stunning necklace. This whole outfit is perrrrfect for when the sun goes down.

The contrasting color that comes from the blue sweats and lime green skirt, and the shiny things dangling on your necklace will make you look stunning.

Then, wear the look with a sexy ankle strap flats. Pointy flats will make you look even sexier. If you need to go to an after-work drinks with your girlfriends or maybe a weekend dinner with your boyfriend, you will just need to add a leather cluth to this look and also  make your nails prettier with nail polish.

So are you excited to rock your sweatshirts and make them the epitome of chic again, just like in the 90s?

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