Sunday Mixtape – “Seems Like I’m Always On My Own”

I love making mixtapes, because it’s the only way to share some music. I have been creating some new ones these past months. The mixes contain all of my favourite songs, the songs that were recently played again and again on my iTunes.

My newest mix called, Seems Like I’m Always On My Own. I made this mix because like, two weeks ago I spent a lot of time at home, in my bedroom alone. Working while the rain poured outside and I kept listening to these 8 songs. So, I though why not make a mixtape containing these songs, because they are the one who accompanied me when I’m working alone and on my own?

[8tracks url=”” ]

I won’t tell you the tracklist, because what you need to do is listen to them! :–) Please enjoy…

PS: Put on your headphones! Oh, and I always make mixtapes on 8tracks. It’s like the best site to create mixes. I can share and also discover new music through online mixes made by other users. If you have an account too, please let me know!

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