Stylish Outfits to Wear to a Music Festival

Ready to dance your way to some music festivals happening this coming weekend? Do you know what outfit you’re going to wear for the event? If you don’t, scroll down and find out how to make your weekend even better with a great style!

Music Festival in the Forest

There is this music festival called LaLaLa Fest happening this weekend in Bandung. The venue will be inside the forest, so imagine that the weather there will be quite chilly. That’s why for the first style, we recommend you to wear  the most comfortable shirt you have (preferably a bit thick, like a knitted top for example) and layer it under a lightweight cotton or denim jacket.

A colorful denim jacket or a white jacket as pictured above will make your look less-boring, since we know that many of the music festival attendees will definitely wear the normal denim jacket. Combine them with a pair of wide leg pants or jeans. This type of pants will give your legs lots of space to move and dance as you’re watching your favourite band live. For accessories, you can wear a bucket hat to avoid the sun at noon. Try wearing mis-matched earrings and bright colored bag to create a statement, and finish off the look with a pair of sneakers or boots.

hijab music festival

Now, if you wear a hijab, don’t be afraid to not be able to look stylish this upcoming weekend. This is the easiest but super cool styling idea you can wear to the music festival. Wear the super on trend camo pants and combine it with a loose sweatshirt. To make it less slouchy, you must tuck the sweatshirt into your pants. Throw on a cute cross body bag that won’t be a hassle for you. You can also add sunglasses if you like, because the festival will start around noon and the sun will be shining bright, so protect your eyes from the UV rays!

Don’t forget to wear a pair of shoes that is comfortable for you and won’t give blisters to your feet, since you’re going to walk here and there and dance the whole day. Also, pick a hijab with the most easy-breezy material, so that you won’t feel too stuffy and hot, because we’re sure the place will be crammed with lots of people having fun! We hope you enjoy the event this weekend, loves!

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