Stylish but Modest

So many of you asked us to make another hijab styling ideas, now here it is!

denim hijab 10

There are actually plenty of option to style your hijab, but today we’re going to give you a styling idea for your simple day to day routine. Considering the latest trend, we recommend that you try to incorporate more colors to your outfit. Try pairing your embroidered jeans with  tucked in purple knit sweater and a pretty pale olive hijab. The embroidered jeans will definitely make a statement, and the colors of your top and hijab will be perfect to complete the look.

If you want this look to be more modest, you can always layer an oversized denim jacket over your sweater (or change it to a shirt if you don’t want to be sweating a lot in this warm weather). An oversized denim jacket isn’t only going to work well with the whole outfit, but can also cover your backside.

Finish off the look with a pair of cool sneakers — go with hologram, since it’s so huge these days, bring a cute bag, and also a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright, bright sun. So what do you think? We hope to have answered all your hijab styling ideas queries!

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