How to Style Mom Jeans & Slim Fit Jeans

We’ve already told you the secret to look good in boyfriend jeans and shredded jeans. Now it’s time to show you how to style your mom jeans and slim fit jeans. If you are feeling confused on how to wear those trendy mom jeans or maybe you are not sure if those slim fit jeans will flatter your figure, you come to the right place. Read on to find out how to easily style them (and be prepared because in the end of this post you might want to invest some more jeans for your closet!)

 how to wear baby blue momjeans
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Mom jeans actually look pretty similar with boyfriend jeans, but when you wear them, they sit higher on your waist. So generally, mom jeans are simply high waisted jeans with a slightly relaxed fit. They are usually a bit more vintage than any other jeans, they come in pale blue color, washed, with ultra high waist and cropped length.

Some people tend to say that those mom jeans are unfashionable and unflattering, however if you know the secret to wear them, they can be as trendy as possible. Mom jeans definitely have their own appeal, especially for y’all girls who does not really like to wear skinny

It’s quite easy to style mom jeans since it does not look shabby. I think they are perfect to accompany you to shop for groceries in Sunday afternoon because they are simple. I will wear them with a natural loose fit t-shirt and do the front tuck, because mom jeans look best with tops that are tucked in but is not too tidy.

Then, I will polish these mom jeans with a pair of kitten pumps (vibrant or metallic colors are highly recommended) to dress them up a little bit. These kinds of shoes help them not looking too sloppy. Adding accessories like statement necklace and leather shopper bag will add some glam to the look. It’s simple but very stylish.

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Last but not least, the slim fit jeans. Slim fit jeans are probably the most versatile and the most common jeans out there. You can easily dress them up during the day and make them flatter your figure. However, before you wear them, make sure that your slim fit jeans are loose enough for you to move around and sit down comfortably.

Ok then, for this look I am going to go with polished-casual. Actually if you are going for a casual look like this, the possibilities are endless since slim fit jeans are super versatile. I recommend you to wear a long-sleeved turtle neck t-shirt and full tuck it into your jeans. The striped turtle neck t-shirt is on trend too right now so the combination of those garments are absolutely fabulous.

Tone down the loud pattern on your t-shirt with a camel colored jacket and a black leather back pack or cross body bag. Bright slim fit jeans like this will bring more attention to your legs, so you should wear a great pair of shoes. Although slim fit jeans can look good with almost any pair of shoes, it’s time to show off a little bit!

There are some shoes that look better with slim fit jeans than other, for example a flatform shoes or slip on like the one I picked in the picture. You can wear dark colored shoes for a more dressy look, and to add a fun touch to your outfit, texture is important too! So you can play it all around and choose the best shoes that can complement your whole look.

So that’s how to style the fashion trend that refuses to give up, mom and slim fit jeans. Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer the tighter one or the more relaxed one?

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