Stripes and Floral Prints

If we’re talking about what trends spilled out onto the Spring 2017 runway show at New York Fashion Week, we’re talking about reappearances. Yes, prints such as stripes and floral that have been taking hold in our closets every season, now become staples again. So why don’t you and your significant other wear it on this year’s Valentine’s Day? Let’s see how we can style them into our outfits!

The Unique Couple

(1) Ripped Striped Tee, at Zara; Slim Fit Pants, at H&M; Leather Boots, at Dr Martens; Laptop Backpack, at Herschel; Watch, at G-Shock; Beanie Hat, at Weekday (2) Pink Floral Top, at With Chic; Culotte Pants, at If Chic; Black Sneakers, at Puma; Sling Bag, at Kreateurs; Rose Quartz Ring, at Gucci; Lip Treatment, at Philosophy.

So the trends that reappeared this seasons are stripes and floral prints. The styling ideas we have created for you is perfect if you want to go on a fun weekend date with your boyfriend to the park, hunting for pictures or anything that you both think is fun to do! For your boyfriend, they can definitely rock a striped tee shirt with a pair of olive chinos to create a great weekend-ready look. They can mix things up by wearing black leather boots, and finish off the look with a backpack to store their go-to items and accessorize with black watch and a beanie.

For you, wear floral printed top! This off the shoulder pink floral top is so cute and sexy at the same time, because it has those spaghetti strap / bow on the shoulder. Mix this pink top with a pair of black cropped pants or culottes and black sneakers for the footwear. This ensemble will make you feel comfortable the whole day, because first, the top won’t make you feel hot even if you’re strolling around outdoor. Second, if you treat your culottes as you would to a midi skirt, you’ll find that they boast as much versatility and work with plenty of pieces you already own — and it is super comfortable!

Both of you will be the centre of attention if you wear this summer ensemble, because hey, that means you both know the trends!

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