It’s All About Sporty Pieces!

It’s All About Sporty Pieces!

It is not only fitness that comes out to be very popular these days, it happens to athletic inspired clothing too. So many models were sporting this trend with sporty elements on the runways this year and we can’t help but fall in love. It is really surprising that right now, the sporty look does not really look “sporty”, but they have a more luxury feel to them because of the fabrics and style.

You don’t have to go to the gym if you want to create a sporty look. You don’t have to wear the whole jogger pants with sweatshirt with a hoodie to create a sporty look. Just take some athletic-inspired fashion pieces and wear it for your everyday outfit. Here is how to do it…

 Sporty Look 1

(1. Leather and Mesh Baseball Cap, at Neil Barret; 2. Quartz Ring, at Mango; 3. Unicorn-embroidered Mesh Sweatshirt, at Stella McCartney; 4. Flared Sateen-jersey Mini Skirt, at DKNY; 5. Blazer Mid Vintage Sneakers, at NIKE)

This upcoming season is all about sporty pieces with sporty details. These sporty pieces are now mixed with more tailored, sophisticated touch, that can create an effortlessly cool look. One of the simplest ways to incorporate athletic-inspired trend into your wardrobe is by wearing mesh.

Yes, for example, a sweater that is pumped with mesh panels is the absolute sporty piece. I picked a very simple black mesh sweater that screams athletic and trendy. When you wear a mesh sweater, just be sure that it has a spaghetti strap cami or shirt underneath. You can also try a bandeau or bralet to wear underneath the mesh sweater, they are always a safe bet.

Then, another thing you want to remember when doing the athletic trend is you want to add more feminine accent to it, so a skirt is always a good option. A flared mini skirt will create a great balance between the very athletic top and a more feminine bottom. I recommend you to leave the sweater outside your skirt to get the laid-back look. You can also add a bunch of jewelries. I used a simple ring for this look to make the outfit combo edgier.

Most sporty looks these days would not be complete without a cap. A leather cap is by far the most popular choice and it is quite versatile. It also gives you the “edge” to the whole look. Last but not least,complete your sporty outfit combo with a pair of sneakers. This look is very stylish and could easily be worn everyday.

Sporty Look 2

(1. Lip Paint in Reminisce, at Topshop; 2. Mesh Overlay T-Shirt Dress, at Topshop; 3. Triple Row Spring Necklace, at Topshop; 4. Dumbo Textured-leather Backpack, at Alexander Wang; 5. Air Pegasus ’83 Sneakers, at NIKE)

Athletic-inspired looks have been all over the runways and now these trends are also making their way onto the streets. However, just because it’s athletic and sporty, does not mean that the look can not be ladylike. You might never think that dresses is a great option for an athletic look, but there is no better way to put the word ‘luxe’ in sport luxe than with a sporty dress.

So, for the second style, again, I opt for a mesh t-shirt dress. This slouchy mesh t-shirt dress is ideal for a casual Sunday look. It has a relaxed cut and simple shape, and could be quite versatile too! Wear this dress as is, no need to layer it to make it more polished or anything. If you want to create a more luxe feeling to it, you can always wear a statement necklace like the one I used in the picture above.

Then, one way to add another sporty appeal to your outfit is by slipping on a pair of sneakers. I recommend a pop of colour to the sneakers that will definitely take your outfit from zero to hero. A bright color detail on your sneakers will be a point of interest to the outfit combo and it’s the perfect piece to pull off a sporty look.

Complete the ensemble with a black backpack to put your belongings. The black and white color palette that comes from the dress and backpack is really on-trend and simply fashionable too. You can apply a bright colored lipstick to add another touch of color to a mainly black and white outfit. Try putting this look together for a lazy Sunday stroll with your friends.

It seems like we can’t get enough of the sport-luxe trend at the moment! How do you like to style your sporty pieces?

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