Shupette On The Shelves

A couple of months ago we talked about Shu Uemura releasing a holiday collection in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld inspired by his cat, Choupette, now it’s here in the country!

We saw the display and thought “Is this real life?” that’s how excited we were. We thought it would be here in December but this is a nice surprise! They did not have everything on the display, but if you ask them about certain products they will tell you if they have them in stock. Too bad because not everyone knows every single product in the collection! They keep the cutest ones in their storeroom, so make sure you check the website first and if you’re interested in something, ask them to open one for you.

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We got the Has-It-All Eye & Lip Palette for IDR 1,480k and the Flair Eyelash Curler for IDR 290k. The Eye-Need-Shu Eyeshadow Trio is around IDR 500k. What wows us is how much the Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelash costs, it’s IDR 1.2 million a pair! It’s packaged in a luxurious Shupette box. If you’re a collector, that is a must have! We’re eyeing on the Eye-Need-Shu False Eyelashes, which is IDR 390k a pair. The lady offered us the impossibly cute Shupette make up trunk worth IDR 5.5 million, but we definitely did enough damage already that she gave us a free Shupette pouch pictured above so we heavy-heartedly said no. Are you thinking of doing more damage than we did? They will give you a Shupette tote bag!

Shupette on the Shelves

This holiday collection excites us more than anything else this season. They are limited, so grab them before they run out! Paws out!

Written by Adani Nurimanina

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