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Today we decided to do a review of the very new Glou Cosmetics Liptreats! Yep, they are not just lipsticks, but liptreats! Why are they called liptreats? Because they are literally a treat for your lips.

The core ingredient for these liptreats is the rice bran oil which was extracted from the most nutritious part of rice: the bran and germ. Rice bran oil is naturally rich in vitamins, anti-aging benefits and antioxidant properties — thus making Glou Cosmetics a treat for your lips. Not only making them pretty, but also healthy as well! We were so excited when the package from Glou arrived and found out that we got two of the 6 shades. So let’s do this!

Glou 1

As you can see above, Glou Cosmetics has a very-very cute packaging. The liptreats are packaged inside a colorful birds-printed box, that actually represents the name of the shades. The liptreat itself is packaged within a simple black tube which looks pretty classic, don’t you think?

There are actually 6 shades: Bold ones (Scarlet Macaw and Purple Martin), the Nude ones (Pink Parrot and Rose Finch), and the Pink ones (Flamingo and Fruit Dove). We got one from the nude and one from the pink family.

Glou 2a

Glou 3a

These liptreats go on very easily in one to two swipes and the formula is very, very light and creamy! If you’re looking for a simple daily lipstick, Glou is definitely for you. But if you are looking for a long-lasting lipstick, these liptreats might not be the best option, because it easily transfers (but you can always swipe a primer before, to ensure a more long-lasting wear, so you don’t need to worry).


Because of the light and creamy texture, applying these liptreats to your lips does not really feel like you are wearing any lipstick at all, it’s a nice feeling. However there is this scent that you may either like or hate — we are not really sure what the scent is, it feels quite nostalgic. But we are actually OK with it, since the scent becomes unnoticeable after the liptreat dries down.
Glou Swatches

But overall, we loveeee it! Especially the Pink Parrot shade. When we put it on our hands, the Pink Parrot looks a bit salmon-ish in color, but when we apply it on our lips, it’s very pretty! We were actually searching for the perfect nude colored lipstick and this one is gorgeous! Perfect to be worn to work or for running errands. The Fruit Dove shade is also very nice. If you like pink shades, this one is for you.

So, in terms of value, Glou Cosmetics Liptreats are great! Cute packaging, lightweight formula, good for your lips, and are a good price point at Rp 129.000 only. We are probably going to try other colors in the future, so curious with Scarlet Macaw and Purple Martin!


Shop Glou Cosmetics here.

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