REVIEW – 3CE Mini Kit

Hi girls! Today I am going to test and try out 3CE MOOD RECIPE Lip Color Mini Kit! I actually bought this around a month ago, but haven’t got the chance to review it. Now I am ready though!

3CE Mini Kit

So I bought this very very cute mini kit around a month ago at Stylenanda, in Hong Kong. Stylenanda is actually a Korean product and is very popular for their clothing and make up line. OK so, this product comes in a little box and tiny packaging and it costs HKD459 (Rp 775.000) for 5 shades. The colors are really gorgeous! I have been a huge fan of brown-ish and nude lipsticks, so when I found this mini kit, I did not think twice and just snatched it from the counter and paid for it.

3CE Mini Kit Swatches

Now let’s do the swatches on my arm. Let’s go from the lightest to the darkest. The first three colors that come from this kit are ROWS, INKED HEART, and MUSS. Rows is very light, Inked Heart is like a mix of dusty orange and nude, while Muss is a bit pink-ish. These three are the perfect nude colors that actually compliment light skin tones really well. And I also think you can pull off these colors anywhere, every day.

The other two shades are more redish brown (which I’m kinda obsessed with). Smoked Rose looks like a brick red when it is applied on your lips, it’s pretty! I also have no complaint for the Chicful one, because I actually have already got two normal tubes, and bought this one again, so that means it’s good right? It has this very dark shade, like oxblood red mixed with brown, that is perrrfect for evening occassions!3CE Mini Kit Swatches on Lip

They are so cute and adorable, the colors are pretty, the matte finish is perfect, and they are easy to apply. However, (this is an update) I have one con for this mini kit. Sometimes when my lips are really dry, I just can’t wear these lipsticks. Even though I’ve put on some Vaseline under it, the formula still makes my lips look chapped. If this happens, I usually apply my usual MAC Del Rio on the first layer and then apply the 3CE Lipstick — they go so well together and make my lips looking healthier, I think it’s because of the satin finish of my MAC.

Also, if you are thinking about giving this lipstick a touch up after you are eating, I recommend you to just erase them all first, and apply it again from zero. But all in all, these are one of my favourite kits ever!

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