Are You Ready to Sweat In Style?

You know, the fitness industry is a lot like fashion – it’s been a growing trend for awhile now, everyone wants to be healthy and I think that’s really good. However, as much as it’s hard enough to find a fitness plan that can really work for you, sometimes it’s even harder to ‘dress’ for the gym.

I know, the clothes you wear for exercise are not such a big deal, but if you’re the type of person who is so difficult to get your butt off to the gym, I guess wearing something colorful or a little stylish for fitness will muster your courage a little. Because actually, the secret to getting yourself to the gym, or to go for a running exercise is to be excited to get dressed. Here are some outfit inspiration for you to have a day sweating in style!

Sweat In Style

(Water Bottle, at Life Factory; Pink-purple Quilted-bomber, at Christopher Raeburn; Women’s Sports Bra, Nike; Grey Marl Track Runner Shorts, at Topshop; Internationalist Sneakers, at Nike; iPod Nano, at Apple)

This first style is perfect for running. I have a lot of friends that are now enjoying running every morning in the weekend and I am proud of them. So what to wear for running? I say, go get some clothes that fit your body. Hop on to your favourite running stores and have some tops that fit you.

However, like the example above, you can also wear sports bra for running, but make sure to buy the one with built-in shelf bra that provides support for your breasts while you run. Then, cover it up with a jacket that has bright color to at least add a bit energy for your mood!

Another important thing is to wear outfit that are light and good at absorbing sweat. This means, no cotton. Cotton tends to be heavy when it gets drenched in your sweat and that will make you uncomfortable. So I recommend you to prefer lightweight fabrics made of materials that are specially designed to absorb your sweat and help control your body heat. Find that on sport outlets.

For the bottom, you can wear runner shorts that is not too tight around the waist. This will allow you to move freely. Well, you can always wear track pants too if you don’t like to wear shorts, but only if you’re running outside the gym. Because I think wearing this kind of pants in the gym can catch on exercise machines, and that’s bad.

The last thing is quite important too, you need a good sneakers. In this case, you should pick running shoes that are comfortable and can support you when you hit the road (or treadmill). Nike has some of the most colorful and stylish running shoes, so you can try them. Adding accessories is somehow necessary too, but this time rather than wearing a necklace (HAHA!) you can bring your colorful iPod and cute water bottle!

Sweat In Style

(Rib Scoop Vest, at Topshop; Performance Sports Bra, at Adidas; 3/4 Tights, at Yummy Mummy; Earphone, at Apple; ‘Jazz’  Trainers, at Saucony)

Finding fitness clothing to suit your comfort level and personal style is a must. The thing you need to remember is that you want to be as comfortable as you use the fitness equipments. Once you’ve found what outfit work best for you, you can get in shape without worrying about what you are wearing.

In general, women usually wear T-shirts or long-sleeved shirt during their gym workout. But you’re indoors at the gym, so it’s okay to go for a tank instead of something bulky that you might wear outside. Just remember to wear one that show less cleavage. Wear a colorful tank top to enhance your mood and mix it with another colorful sports bra like in the picture.

Make sure that your top is made of light, stretchy fabric that keeps you cool and doesn’t limit your mobility. Sport outlets usually sell those technologically advance fabrics that hold moisture away from your body and won’t cling to your body when you sweat.

For the bottom, just like I said earlier, long baggy pants can catch on exercise machines and you don’t want that. I prefer to wear shorts, but if you’re not a fan of shorts, cropped leggings or ¾ leggings like the one above is good enough. I chose the printed ones just because it’s fun and totally fits the whole outfit.

Complete your look with the most comfortable fitness trainers and of course your music player and earphones! Carrying a soft towel is necessary too, it’s useful to wipe your sweat every now and then.

So, are you ready to go to the gym and sweat in style?

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