Powerful and Sexy Scorpio

Scorpios, you are independent and you seriously flaunt it. As a Scorpio you always have a look and you stick to it. You rely on your tried and true staples. However, that doesn’t mean you’re boring, girls! Because you always manage to add an edginess to your look. You are like a master of uniforms and always look polished to perfection, every single time.

Your style can be defined as powerful and sexy, yet still very low-key simple. As the mysterious one, you like to go undercover and remain unnoticed the majority of the time, but once you go out, you are a natural trend-setter and can definitely stand out in the crowd.

In styling your outfit, think lots of black and try dressing in tough leather. Combine a simple black tee and tuck it into a pair of black leather pants. Simple, stylish, and polished.

You don’t need the craziest accessory to show the world who’s boss. Just add a patterened bag and earrings in red (because this is the perfect color that can stand out against the all black outfit) to show your work-hard-play-hard aesthetic. A touch of leather and an item with striking color or pattern like this will fit your intense powerful vibe.

Scorpios are no strangers to bold fashion statements. You are actually a natural trendsetter, so don’t leave home without a killer pair of shoes! Opt for heels or heeled lace-up sandals that can create a statement. Finish off the look with a dark red lipstick and you’re good to go.

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