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Wow wow wow hi friends!!! We’re back and it’s 2015 already. What did you do on the last New Year’s Eve? Do you have any new resolution? Personally, we don’t have any new resolution, however we have a new theme for this month. It’s called “Being True to Yourself.” Yes, this month we want you girls and guys to really be true to yourself, to ackowledge who you really are, to follow what you believe, so that way you can finally be able to love yourself. This month we are going to encourage you to dress your best, too!

First, let’s go with y’all who has the photography passion inside your heart. This is for you who can not leave your camera everytime you go outside. This post is special for all the photographer. Girls, you gotta look good even though you’re not the model. Let’s start!

The Photographer Style(1) Cutout-back Stretch-cady Top, at Alexander Wang (2) High-Rise Cuffed Denim Shorts, at Chicnova (3) Faux Crocodile Drawstring Backpack, at Forever 21 (4) Camera, at Canon (5) Skeleton Stone Ring, at ASOS (6) Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, at NARS (7) Chuck Taylor Hi-Top, at Converse (8) Sapphire Synergy, at Movado

Sooo, when you literally want to go out to do some fashion shoot or want to take pictures of anything, really, we recommend you to wear something that’s comfortable. We’re talking a sleeveless top and denim shorts combo. Denim shorts can be boring or brilliant, and it all depends on what you wear them with.

We love to stick with a laid-back look for this style. We’re using a high waisted denim cut outs and mix it with a simple white stretch top. This is probably one of the best ways to wear high waist denim shorts. It has the laid-back feel and also comfortable at the same time. Tuck your white top into the shorts to achieve a sleek and fashionable look. Also, make sure that your white top is made of cotton, because you’ll probably gonna sweat a lot from taking pictures here and there.

There’s no better shoes to wear to a quality time with your camera than a pair of Chuck Taylor. It’s not only that they look great with everything, but Chuck Taylor are very very comfortable you can wear them for hours. It’s a classic, and Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung are fans to the shoes, so why don’t you? A backpack will be the best bag to wear if you don’t want to wear a camera-bag. A backpack will hold everything you think you might want for a shoot, and then some, like your make up and sunglasses maybe? You can pick one that’s made from leather to create a more stylish touch to your whole look.

For accessories, throw on a bunch of rings and a watch (because time is money, obviously). Oh, and last but not least, don’t forget to wear a sunblock to prevent your face from burning. Girls, this is also a signature summer look! This look will keep you prepared for the hot weathered season to come!

The Photographer Style 2(1) Drawstring Bucket Bag with Front Pocket, at ASOS (2) Camera, at Leica (3) Transparent Round Sunglasses, at Forever 21 (4) Ceramidin Lipair, at Dr. Jart (5) Sneakers, at NIKE (6) Denim Dress with Straps, at Pull & Bear (7) Khaki Green Parka, at H&M

For the second style, you will have to say, “step aside guys!” to your jeans and denim shorts, because we are going to go with a dress – a denim dress to be exact. It’s cute and comfortable and will probably make you even more stylish than the model. A denim dress is easy to wear with anything and it will also flatter your figure if it fits you perfectly. Because the denim dress we’re using above is sleeveless, you will have to wear an outerwear.

Girls, have you ever thought that wearing a parka will work brilliantly when it rains outside? Personally, we think that a parka is the only outer for women that can carry off a hood fashionably. It’s so good and perfect for when you want to have a photoshoot outdoor. You’ll never know when it will rain, right? So a parka with nice hoodie will be the best choice for an outer. We chose a belted one because it can give you a bit of shape! Don’t be afraid to wear your parka with a dress, it’ll look fine.

Then, swing a shoulder bag over this dress and parka combo. Make sure that the straps of your bag is strong enough to bring all of your stuff inside. A leather bag will be best for this kind of occasion. For other accessories, a sunglasses will be a great choice if you need to go outdoor and don’t forget to bring your lip balm too! Lastly, finish off the look with a pair of sneakers and you are ready to take some beautiful pictures!

If you’re a combination fashionista and shutterbug like us, you will feel the need to look stylish everytime, even though you are not the model! Do you agree?

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