PFW Spring ’18 Favourite

Usually we put five to six collections on our Fashion Week Favourite lists. However, we can’t do that for this season’s Paris Fashion Week. So many beautiful designs to choose from, so instead of five, we decided to put 10 designers on our list! It’s going to be long, but we promise the second you finish this article, all you want to do is re-read it all over again (or at least, look at the pictures > save money to buy them and/or recreate the designs yourself).

Best Jacquemus SS 2018

This is easily a very splendid show. Jacquemus Spring 2018 is a well accomplished collection. Post-show, Jacquemus said that the vibe for this collection is about the idea of going down to the harbor after a long day at the beach and wanting to feel beautiful — and it’s true. This is the perfect blend of elegance, sexiness, luxury in all the best ways. The dresses, which are very simple but also very intelligent looking (with the creases and drapes) is effortlessly sophisticated. Wearing them will make you feel like being sexy without trying too hard. Not to mention the sandals and the statement earrings! We are sold!

Best Dries van Noten SS 2018

Dries never disappoints. This collection offers us gorgeous prints, as always. We think that Dries is one of a few designers today that can really combine prints, colors, embroidery, fabrics, and silhouette into one beautiful collection. Loving the rose pink dress — very sensual and at the same time, approachable. The menswear plaid suiting fabric is another favourite. Layering it with an organza scattered with jewels make it playful, but the shape of the suit still makes it intelligent. The styling on picture #3 might be a little off, but you know those pieces will look beautiful individually and if you see them up close. Every single material he used just echoes luxury, it’s superb!

Best Maison Margiela SS 2018

Galliano for Maison Margiela always gets us excited. The construction of the pieces shown in this Spring 2018 collection is breathtaking, because we agree that he always makes exquisite pieces. Some say they get tired looking at how Galliano is stuck with the trench-coats, but seriously, we feel OK with those deconstructed trench coats and we still can’t get enough. The designs are wonderful (our favourite piece is in picture #2). The clothes are beautifully crafted and fun. John Galliano’s work is like a visual art and he proved himself to be many levels above the current wave of new designers.

Best Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018

Fabulous! This was the closest Sébastien Meunier has gotten to Ann Demeulemeester — it’s like back to the basic Ann Demeulemeester. The clothes look very easy and effortless. We particularly love the layering and the mixing of black and white pieces (when Black and White are done right, they are so pleasing to the eyes), the cotton dresses, the sheer layers and the prints, just enough to add interest without becoming dated by the next season. Also, the styling is spot on! Meunier is really doing a good job continuing Ann’s spirit in the brand. We love it.

Best Issey Miyake SS 2018

A fantastic collection from Issey Miyake! We always adore their collections, but this time it’s even better. The theme is so futuristic and Yoshiyuki Miyamae successfully interpreted it to the clothes. Using beautiful pleats, landscape prints, and very detailed fabric production techniques, Miyamae showed that this is what an innovation is. One of our favourites from the collection is the pop of radiant white coat with soft frills, it is so pretty. The models also walked in gorgeous sandals and shoes, making this whole collection looks very exquisite.

Best Sonia Rykiel SS 2018

Sonia Rykiel’s collection this season is very cute! Starting with checkered looks in black and white at the opening of the show, which are very simple but are definitely fresh, followed with pieces covered in giant sequins, striped kaftans that is perfect for strolling under the sun, pearl-embellished sweater dresses and dusty pink mini dress in silk. Everything is very pleasant looking and actually showing the classical Parisian chic is at its finest.

Best Valentino SS 2018

The whole collection from Valentino Spring 2018 screams feminine and luxurious! It feels fresh and some pieces are seriously to die for; look at the pink gown at the final, the red gown with accent on the shoulder, they are so romantic and well constructed. Another favourite: short tunic dress with high neck in floral and asymmetric side. We think that this collection is definitely better than the previous years. It’s very solid and enjoyable.

Best Loewe SS 2018

Well, we are not fond of the shoes but we love those side openings! It gives a sexy accent to the pieces. Also loving the muted pastels. This is probably the most relaxed collection they ever made at Loewe, everything looked beautifully designed and easy to wear (read: desirable!). The bags also look great, they add a nice touch to a very RTW collection. We like this collection a lot.

Best Chanel SS 2018

To be honest, we’re not that into those transparencies and plastic because they cheapen the looks. However, nothing can define Paris Fashion Week better than a Chanel show. This is like classic Chanel by Karl. Some of the looks might seem a little all over the place, but if you look a little closer, some of the few pieces are really good. The collection is fresh and bright and we think that there is something here for everyone. You might like the pantsuits and the tweed if you often wear formal style. And if you live for more unique style, you can go with the fringed crop tops and the accessories. It’s not the best from Karl, but it’s still bautiful.

Best Junya Watanabe SS 2018

The thing is, remixing recent collections does not have to be boring and feel repeated. See Junya Watanabe’s Spring 2018 collection. He successfully mixed all his basics — military, utilitarian, punk and traditional japanese costumes inspired silhouettes — and yet this collection still looks fresh, because he nails it each time. The prints he uses this time is also very loud but absolutely exquisite. This collection is very upbeat and we love it! It’s insane.

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