Perfect Pieces for an Outdoor Party

Wow, more and more couples are opting to be married outdoors! This may leave you wondering about the perfect outdoor wedding guest attire. Here we have some cool dreseses to show you, so that you can have an idea as to how you can look great on a garden wedding party.

Garden 01 - Bow Shoulder Sleeveless Jumpsuit Pomelo

Bow Shoulder Sleeveless Jumpsuit at Pomelo | Rp 549.000
Some of your friends or family might get married in a very low-key and super casual way. That’s why you need to invest in a super casual wedding guest attire, like this cute jumpsuit with bow on the shoulders. It’s sleeveless, so you won’t feel stuffy and it’s super comfortable you can enjoy the whole function without a hassle. Dress this outfit up with a bit of jewelry and some pretty accessories to make it more festive.

Garden 02 - Adrianne Midi Dress Vezzo Studio Love and Flair

Adrienne Midi Dress at Vezzo Studio | Rp 2.000.000
If you want to feel good when attending an outdoor wedding party in this scorching summer heat, then you must go for cute midi dress with embroidery. Also, with an extra statement, such as ruffles or bow on the top half of the dress, like the one pictured above. With a dress like this, you will not require to carry many jewels on your body and get yourself saved from being exhausted on a special day of your friend or family!

Garden 03 - Slate Dress Shop at Velvet

Slate Dress at Shop at Velvet | Rp 249.000
This dress is simple yet can create such a statement with that big belt tied in front. If you want to flaunt your curves, you can definitely pick this pretty dress and steal the party with your fabulous style! You can wear it with boots or mules, and don’t forget to accessorize with drop earrings or some bangles. Both soft and bold make up will also look good with this plain dress.

Garden 04 - Lily Dress JOVE Official BOBOBOBO

Lily Dress at Jove Official | Rp 1.189.000
This dress is the best option if you want to wear something that has some sparkle in it, but don’t want to look too much. This embroidered sheer dress with a touch of pearls all over it will make you look as enticing as you would have looked wearing jewels! Super attractive.

Garden 05 - Mayor Flare Jumpsuit Berrybenka

Mayor Flare Jumpsuit at Berrybenka | Rp 259.000
Floral is always a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding party and it’s particularly romantic for a garden wedding! This dusty pink flare jumpsuit with huge flowers embroidered on it is classic with a modern twist! It makes you look elegant. So grab and wear one to get an impressive look for the next garden wedding you attend!

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