Pencil Skirts for Hourglass Body Figure

Hi everyone! I am back again and will now continue the journey of wearing skirts. After I explained and told you how to wear skirts if you have a petite body, now it’s time for you girls who are really lucky to have those hour-glass shaped body. How do you know if you have this type of body? Stand in front of a mirror and look at the measurement of your hip and bust. If you have an equal hip and bust measurements with a narrow waist, then you have the hour glass figure. If you still doubt the shape of your body, you can look at some celebrities who have hourglass body. The examples are Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, and Kim Kardashian. If you have this type of body, you must embrace  your beautiful curves and not hide the shape. I found out the perfect skirt that can flatter your body shape by looking at how often these fashionistas wear them. It’s the sexy pencil skirt. Somehow, pencil skirts often represent an office-wear, however you can easily transform them for a night out and for a more casual look. How can you do it? Read on and find out! skirts for hourglass body shape So yeah, a pencil skirt is the perfect piece to accentuate your body without being too revealing. While they come in so many different lengths, I think the best one is a knee length pencil skirt, because it’s perfect to show off just enough leg. Before you buy a pencil skirt though, you gotta make sure to choose the one that perfectly fits your body from your waist and to your knees. Pencil skirt is actually quite timeless and versatile. Even though when you think about it, the first picture that comes to your mind might be working outfit, you can easily dress it down for a more casual look. This is how you can do it. First, pick a printed pencil skirt, try to choose a fun colored ones. Still keep in mind to pick the one that is a knee length. Now the easiest way to dress down this kind of ‘formal’ skirt is to combine it with a loose t-shirt. This loose t-shirt can balance your fitted skirt. Ok, now back to the first goal of wearing pencil skirt — is to compliment your curvy figure. So you need to tuck the t-shirt into your skirt, or…. tie a knot. Yes, I am a fan of tying those loose ends into knots! This is a way to recreate the curvy silhouette. Knot that loose t-shirt at the smallest part of your waist, it will mantain the appearance of an accentuated waist. Lastly, team this outfit with a pair of chunky heels for a night out or just a pair of sneakers for a very casual look. Don’t forget to add statement accessories. You can always wear this outfit on the weekend! (PRODUCTS: Pleat Seam Tee – Tosphop / Chalayan Skirt – Net A Porter / Necklace – ASOS / Fur Box Bag – Tosphop / Black Nubuck Suede Platforms – The Editor’s Market) skirts for hourglass 2 Again, like what I said earlier, pencil skirt always gives this professional touch to your whole outfit. So for the second style, I am going to make a semi-formal outfit that you can wear to work. Let’s dress it up a notch! A form fitting pencil skirt will always highlight your curves and create a trendy outfit, especially for work. When wearing a pencil skirt to work, neutral and pastel are the best. But if your office allows you to wear colour, you should go for it! Pick a pencil skirt that has a unique but not too showy colour, like the one I choose in the picture. The colour is coral and is really pretty for a work environment. A blouse can definitely adds a touch of elegance to your pencil skirt. Pick a blouse that is a little bit voluminous, to balance out the form-fitting skirt. However, you should always tuck it in because you need to show that sexy curve. And hey, this outfit is sexy but is not revealing, yet it is a very classic workwear look. Choose a bag that can complete the whole outfit perfectly, like for example, a leather handbag. A pair of high or kitten heels and accessories like a nice watch will really compliment this working outfit. So let me say it once more, blouses paired with pencil skirts can create perfectly professional looks for the office. Whether you choose a safe neutral shade or a bold and bright colour, this lady-like combination is classic. (PRODUCTS: Blouse with Ruffles – ZARA / Leather Panel Pencil Skirt – Topshop / Ted Baker Handbag – ASOS / River Island Leather Court Shoes – ASOS / Watch – Casio) These are just a few tips for how to wear pencil skirt if you have the perfect hourglass body type. A pencil skirt can be dressed up or down, it’s really versatile. Do you have other tips on how to wear pencil skirt?

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