Outfit Inspiration for you Sneakers Lover

I guess the sneaker trend are not going anywhere, they are growing even much bigger instead. When I go out these day, I am always looking at girls and boys sporting their fabulous and colorful sneakers. This footwear is becoming a must have item for y’all fashionista.

You probably have already bought some sneakers of your own too, right? Knowing how to style them for a date or any other occasion that’s not related to sport is a must. If you are stuck for ideas on how to wear them, read on and find out some outfit inspiration I have made especially for you girls, enjoy!

 ways to wear sneakers with skirt(1. Monofilament Stripe Jumper, at Topshop; 2. Gold-plated Swarovski Crystal Necklace, at Lulu Frost; 3. Life Of The Party Skirt, at Nasty Gal; 4. Utility Cotton-Blend Cloqué Jacket , at Victoria Beckham; 5.Fabricca Holographic Leather Clutch, at M2Malletier / 6. Internationalist Pink Trainers, at Nike)

I am going to ask you a question before I start giving outfit inspiration today. Outside of jeans and exercise pants, what do you wear sneakers with? Have you ever thought of having a feminine look with sneakers? If you have not, then you just need to scroll down and keep on reading.

The first style I am going to give you is the sophisticated and feminine one. Yes, you absolutely can wear sneakers with skirt to create a fun yet pretty look.Pairing your sneakers with a skirt is also a great way to give this kind of footwear a feminine touch. However, when you choose the skirt, shorter hemlines will look better and can balance out the whole look.

The next time you are going for a date with your boyfriend or maybe a casual party with your girls, wear a short sleeved jumper for your top and mix it with a cute short skirt. If your top’s hemline is a little bit long, you can tuck it into the skirt. Next, of course combine the outfit with a pair of sneakers. I chose a pink sneakers because it fits perfectly with the color of the outfit which is soft pink. So, if you want to choose the right color or your footwear, look at one color that is mostly shown on your outfit.

Then, to add a more lux and feminine feel to this outfit, you can easily wear a blazer or jacket over your top and of course accessories like a metallic clutch or cross body bag and crystal necklace. See? The casualness of your sneakers pair unexpectedly well with a feminine skirt. If you are the kind of girl who craves for comfort, pairing this outfit with sneakers (and not heels!) is the perfect solution.

ways to wear sneakers with pants(1. Sweater with Boat Neck, at Zara; 2. Sharkskin Cigarette Trousers, at Topshop; 3. Anchor Print Shirt, at Zara;  4. Handbag, at H&M; 5. Air Vortex Retro Trainers, at Nike)

Sneakers are sporty fashion staples and I know we are all go crazy about it. Stylish people are now sporting this athletic footwear into their everyday looks, so that’s why you have to do it too!

As on everyday wear, this second outfit is the perfect inspiration for a casual brunch or shopping for groceries time with your mom! When denim is obviously the easiest pants to wear with your favourite sneakers every day, you can now swap them for a pair of cigarette trouser which is more tailored and sleek.

For the top, I recommend you to wear collared shirt or blouse.  Wear printed ones for a fresh look, especially when your pants are just plain and solid, the prints on your shirt will make your outfit less boring. Then, for easier pairing, choose clean sneakers with uncomplicated design, like the one I picked in the pictures.

Finish the look off with a leather hand bag and a bright colored sweater worn over your shirt that is just as worthy of the spotlight as your sneakers. You can see that whether paired with skinny jeans or cigarette trousers, sneakers can adapt to any casual lifestyle event. So, who wouldn’t want to stroll around the mall or have a fancy date in both style and comfort?

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