Oh, So Extra Libra

Libras might be a little laid-back from time to time, but never when it comes to fashion. As a Libra, you tend to care a lot about what others think, thus making you one of the trendier signs.

07 LIBRAYou sometimes are indecisive, you just want to wear everything, because it’s so hard to pick even one outfit. However, this can be a plus point for you, since you can mix and balance every outfit and every style. You always look pulled together and always dressed to the nines.

You are the master of mixing. You can work a feminine and a menswear-inspired look in one outfit ensemble. You look for classic pieces, but always add an extra edge to what you wear. Just like in the picture above. Your charming personality makes you want to wear a cute black top with spaghetti strap, a black denim skirt, layered under a boxy jacket. Then, you balance it out with a pretty pink sneakers and bag.

Oh, and you love adding accessories, such as a layered necklace and even a beret hat. In short, you are the expert in playing with proportions, balancing everything, and always looks put together while still ahead of the trend!

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