Office-Ready Outfits (Wednesday & Thursday)

With all the stresses of presentations, deadlines, and paperwork, I guess you can’t be bothered to think of what to wear to work. Or maybe to make it worse, you often end up wearing the same thing over and over again just because you are not aware of any other outfit options.

Like what I said on the previous post, for this week’s theme, every day I will give you a post containing two different styles you can use as inspirations for your working outfits. I have put together some outfits for Wednesday and Thursday in this post, so I hope it will save you a little stress for a while.

Ok, enough for the pep talk, Here are a few ideas for your work-wear wardrobe!

wednesday work outfit

It’s Wednesday. The third day of the week, and this might be the day where you need to meet some clients or maybe have a presentation, so a little bit of power-dressing is a must. But power dressing does not always mean that you need to wear some button downs and a pair of blue pants and blue blazer, especially when you work in a company that has a huge connection with fashion, art, or music world, you can try to relax the power-dressing down a little.

For presentation days, you can try wearing a nice chiffon blouse with collar and cover this light top with a modern printed blazer. The blazer does not look heavy, especially after it’s matched with a very light blouse. Like what I said earlier, don’t be afraid to wear something like this, especially when the dress code of your office is not too rigid, play with some prints on your blazer to recharge your mood.

Make this look even more professional with a pair of tailored trouser. Try to keep the color in the same family with your blazer, so in this case I picked light pink trouser. And finally I complete the look with black heeled loafers and a very professional looking leather hand bag. I chose a black shoes and bag because I want to tone down the outfit, so that it won’t look too bright and colorful.

You can see for yourself that if you combine all of the garments above, you can have a more relaxed but still a very professional look. For days like these, I personally think nice blouses, blazers, and heeled shoes are highly recommended and non-negotiable. They are classic and always good to go. You must wear them too look good and professional at the same time. (PRODUCTS: Chiffon Blouse – H&M / Geometric Print Blazer – Pull & Bear / Cropped Trouser – ZARA / Croc Mini Bag – Topshop / Black Loafers – ASOS)

thursday work outfit

The fourth day of the week, you can wear a simple and classic day-to-day corporate wear, for example a blouse paired with a crisp blazer. I really like looking at women with pastel colored blouse, because they are so pretty and they can instantly give those women a polished feel.

That is why I picked a pastel pink blouse and mix it with a pair of black skinny trouser. A quick tips for you, adding a crisp white blazer can give you an  easy and effortless polished look. They don’t make you look like a doctor, no! If you can combine a white blazer with the right outfit, you can get a really clean and minimalist look, which is really great.

And after days of wearing heels, I know that your feet need to rest a little bit, so it’s time to take out your flats! Choose flatshoes that has the same colour as your blouse, in this case it’s pastel pink. Finish the look with accessories like pearl or chain necklace and a big statement ring. Oh, and nail polish can also make you even prettier.

I want to add some make up ideas for this look. Wear pink blush on your cheek, nude or taupe colored lipstick, and just apply some mascara on your lashes, so the look is totally natural and the whole outfit is just a perfect combination for ladylike professionalism. (PRODUCTS: Chiffon Blouse – H&M / Wide Lapel Blazer – Topshop / Black Trouser – Topshop / Padlock Bag – ASOS / Necklace & Ring – Forever 21 / Flats – ALDO / Nail Polish – ORLY)

So what do you think of these two styles? Are you a fan of blazers? Does your office always make you wear blazer everyday?

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