Office-Ready Outfits (Blazer)

There are some styles I gave you already for this week’s theme, which is Work-Wear Edition. I put 5 styles that can be inspirations for your office-ready outfits. They include wearing some monochrome look, presentation-day look, even a more casual look that you can wear on Fridays. But if we talk about work-wear, I think the first piece that might pop into your head is a blazer. I mean, the blazer trend never ends, especially for working women. They are almost everywhere. The tailoring of blazers are a;ways flattering and they can easily update your look to be more polished. So I thought since the theme is all about working outfit, why not make a post especially for women who love wearing blazer to work? Read on to find out two easy ways to wear your blazer! How to wear nude blazer I love wearing pastels and nude, and surprisingly there are a lot of nude and pastel colored blazers nowadays. You can consider the nude blazer as much of a wardrobe staple as a black or blue blazer. They also look very smart and they can easily dress up an outfit, that’s for sure. Everytime I see a nude blazer, it always gives a luxe and elegant touch, not like the usual black blazer. So for you women who love wearing blazers, I think you should invest at least one or two nude colored blazer for your closet. While it is really easy to mix & match nude with any color, the first style I am going to give you is by mixing nude with white. It’s kind of my favorite combination. But first you have to be brave to wear an all white outfit. Some women don’t really like to wear all white outfit, but I think if you wear them and add just a pop of color to your whole look, you’ll get an effortlessly chic look. Wear a simple white loose tee or blouse, combine it with a pair of white tailored trouser, and also a pair of white kitten heels to give you a really crisp office look. I know that if you are not used to wear an all white outfit, you will feel awkward by wearing these three pieces only. However when you cover your tee with a nude blazer, the look will be instantly changed. Believe me. Just make sure you wear one that fit your body perfectly, because you will end up looking funny if you wear a blazer that is a size too large or too small. As usual, complete this office-ready look with some accessories, like a statement necklace with gold details. You can even wear camel or brown nail polish to add a fresh touch to your look. (PRODUCTS: Straight Top – H&M / Unlined Blazer – Massimo Dutti / Modern Tailoring Tux Trouser – Topshop / Bag – ALDO / Retro Shoes – ZARA / Faux Stone Cluster Necklace – Forever 21 / Nail Polish – Forever 21) How to wear Pastel Blazer Pastel blazers are also perfect for your working days. It’s the best choice if you want to look feminine and classy. Sometimes pastel blazer can be really difficult to wear for some people, but here I have created a look that can be worn by anyone. Imagine wearing a loose t-shirt combined with a pair of black pants and loafers for weekends. It’s really casual and chic, right? I guess some of you love to wear outfit like this for day-to-day look, but do you know that you can use these pieces to work too? Let me show you how. For the second style, wear your casual white loose tee and a pair of black skinny pants and then you can simply throw on your pastel blazer over it. See, it is not hard and I am sure all of you can pull off this look. A pastel blazer (or you can also change it to nude blazer) can transform your entire look, from really casual to neat. Complete this office-ready outfit with a pair of loafers, leather hand bag, and accessories like a watch. So, now you know that pastels can look extremely stylish no matter what the season is.  They look great with tons of item, from a t-shirt and jeans, to a chic dress and tights. So basically if you want to wear the kind of blazer I used in this picture, you can wear it exactly like the styling above, or you can change them into a feminine dress that you usually wear to work. It’s so versatile. (PRODUCTS: Straight Top – H&M / Premium Crepe Skinny Trousers – Topshop / Figure Fit Jacket – H&M / Heeled Loafers – ASOS / Bag – ALDO / Watch – Casio / Nail Polish – ORLY) So, if you love wearing blazers, keep it up, because this piece of garment will be one of those timeless wardrobe staples you must have inside your closet! They are an effortless way to update your everyday look :–)

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