Nailing Monochromatic Hijab Look

Want to wear a stylish outfit effortlessly? Stick to monochromatic pieces! It takes less energy and thought to dress in a monochromatic style, however it always feels fabulous. We want to remind you that wearing monochromatic does not mean that you could only wear all black or white from head to toe. Have more fun and wear colors other than B&W, with different shades and tints!


Wearing monochromatic colored outfit is the best option if you don’t really know what to wear for the day, but still want to look super chic. So how to nail the monochromatic look? Make sure the colors you pick for your outfit are as close as possible. Look at the picture above.

We pick a rose-pink themed color for the monochromatic look, including the hijab. Combine a dusty pink hijab, rose pink long sleeved top, a pair of pink denim jeans (if you haven’t tried rocking colorful jeans, this one will be your favourite!), and finish the look with a pair of metallic shoes that can give you a slight pink reflection when you walk.

If you wear one shade from head-to-toe, it will definitely make you look taller and slimmer. It’s also the easiest way to look chic in a flash. If you don’t like pink, you can always pick any other color, because the joy of going with a monochromatic color is that it will work with any color you choose! So there is no reason for you not to delve into this style. What do you think? Are you willing to try this trend?

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