Modest Pleated Pants

These are the pants that can make you look more fabulous in an instant! You can see it for yourself that pleated pants with small pleats nowadays are very adaptable for most dress codes and they look polished! The best part? Pleated pants are flattering on most body types. Some of you asked us if you can wear pleated pants and hijab, well of course you can! Scroll down to find out how to do it.

Pleated Pants for Hijab

If you are wearing a hijab, you might want to consider going for wide-legged styles that play nicely with proportions and still looks very modest. As usual, we have two styles here that you can wear to campus, to work, and even to the malls or art galleries.

For the first style, we are pairing a black pleated pants with striped top, layered with a camel colored blazer for a more formal look. You can finish off the look with black hijab, a pair of black Converse, and tote bag. This look is suitable for work or if you have a meeting with your clients. Modest, formal, but still stylish!

For the second look, we are going with a striped shirt that is half-tucked into a pair of pink pleated pants. Then, completing the ensemble with cream or beige hijab, white sneakers and red bag. This color combination will create a casual vibe to the look and is a very versatile look, since you can wear it to almost any casual occasions.

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