MFW Spring 2019

Dripping with colors! Yep, before we move on to the last city for fashion week this season, let’s talk about some of our most favourite colorful collections from Milan Fashion Week!


Always, always two thumbs up for Max Mara. This collections contains looks that are so ready to wear, while still being luxurious and well made. Love almost all of the top and knee-legth shorts combos (you should invest on some for next summer!). Our favourite: the brown colored jumpsuit, the pvc top tucked into a very chic pants with ruffles on the sides, and the special yellow ensemble that is so sweet for summer. Max Mara always offers us fabulous simple clothes that are beautifuly styled. Very sharp and chic! Oh, and we also love the make up!


No. 21
OMG WE LOVE THIS COLLECTION! It’s very sleek, very RTW and quite sexy! Definitely one of the few to watch during Milan Fashion Week. All the colors that we see in this collections are perfect for spring. The coats are beautiful, the dresses are simple and practical. We’re not a fan of the feathers on the dresses, but on the bag? BIG YES, such statement! Plus, the lime green, the cream, the pink, the blue, all are just so right for spring. Really, we can’t stop adoring this collection.


Although some people don’t like this collection, we think it is quite a nice collection, because sometimes we just need a  breath of fresh air in the middle of all the loud collections with so many layering here and there. This season’s ensemble looks done with ease and feels comfy too! You can find lots of interesting pieces here. Like the huge cuffed shirt with mini balloon skirts, blue worker top worn with coordinated pants, oversized sheer shirt with huge sleeves gives you a very flowy feel, and one of our favourites is the white top with asymmetric plunging neckline. Plenty of the looks here have that utilitarian and sporty vibe and the color palette is beautiful too! In short, this collection is fresh and clean, and we would wear everything!


Ok, let’s start with the color palette, it’s super gorgeous! Never thought that those muted tones mixed and layered with some pop of bright vivid colors will look so refreshing and pretty. The fabrics used here are also phenomenal, the tailoring and the cut on the dresses really create a gorgeous movement when the model walked down the runway. All the looks are also not overwhelmed by over-the-top styling, making this collection looks highly wearable and simple, yet very well made. And last but not least, the footwear is to die for!


Giorgio always delivers. This collection is super duper pretty and so stunning. Giorgio Armani’s collection is always about soft constructions and this season the designer is in his element. The elegant collection that is centered around semi transparent pieces, makes you think about the water. Everything is almost mermaid-like, you just wanna wear them and then dive into the deep blue ocean. Gotta give love to the pink and blue numbers — ranging from a vest top with multicolored sequins that resembles raindrops on water that is combined with a pair of super pretty organza pants, a fuchsia cami, still with reflective sequins styled with bright fuchsia pants with gorgeous colorful strips hanging from the thigh part, and even a brim hat with pink edges! These pieces just show you that Giorgio Armani is, indeed, super talented. Don’t you think?

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