MEW Is Back, with a Four-Piece Form

Any Frenger in the world would know that around eight years ago, Johan Wohlert left MEW because he was about to become a father that time and wanted to spend his days with the baby boy. He and his partner, Pernille, later go on to form a duo, The Storm. Since then, MEW only consist of Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, and Silas Utke Graae. Bastian Juel came in to replace Johan for live shows over the next eight years.

Johan Wohlert is BackPhoto by Philip Bo Pedersen
(Source: MewXinfo

Although No More Stories…” is wondrous and great and amazing, personally, I love the old albums more – in fact, I love the old formation of MEW. “Frengers” has so many songs that touch the heart of any Mew fan around the world. The fourth studio album “And The Glass Handed Kites “ which was composed as a single continuous piece, won several awards, including Best Album at Danish Music Awards. And that was the last MEW album to feature bassist Johan Wohlert.

However, one does not simply left MEW. During their latest concert at Northside Festival in Denmark, on June 15th 2014, Mew announced that Johan Wohlert had rejoined the band after his 8 years of absence (he’s been going back and forth in the studio last Summer too!) This is literally the best news that I’ve ever heard so far in 2014. Twitter and Instagram are bursting with tears of joy because of this news. MEW really want to give us their best album yet.

Read the full story here on, as our own Captain Woolheart gives the fresh comment about his comeback.

PS: Do you realize that today is June 15th? 156? Get it? Get it??

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