Men’s Spring 2020.01

Menswear is cresting on a high in Paris! The collections were showing us that men are now embracing more of their softer and vulnerable sides. Designers took a big step at redefining menswear, exploring one’s identity is the way to live in 2020.

Oh, this collection was so effortlessly good. Van Noten’s men were all piled up in beautiful prints, embellishment, and colors. It’s no secret that Dries definitely has the skill to pair the most bizarre prints and color, and still making them look so wearable. Our favorite looks: The leopard coat worn over a peach top and bright marigold and yellow pants. Also, the fuchsia floral shirt that was tucked into a pair of pretty flower printed shorts, completed with zebra patterned trench wrapped around the waist. Dandy, grunge, elegant, all in one collection.


Another great collection from Loewe, it looked very summery and we really enjoyed this collection. Anderson has always shown us not only clothes but textiles experiments, interesting details, and proportions! Anderson can take basics and make them fashionable. You can see some interesting details, just look at those elongated silhouettes, the suede numbers, crisp white shirt with knots on the hem, all very desirable. Regardless of our gender, we would just buy all of Loewe’s men and women pieces, because they were everything! 

Sies Marjan is the latest brand to make the jump from New York to Paris. The designer, Sander Lak, has always shown men’s looks during his women’s show in New York, but this time he is more focus on its men’s collection. For a first-timer, the collection actually looked so refined and wearable without having to break it up first. Think beige-colored singlet worn under a zebra patterned outerwear, bright yellow belted jacket, marigold knitted sweater. For us, the languid pants were also the winner. In short, this collection had an amazing color palette, amazing styling, and amazing pieces.


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