How to Look Cool in Culottes

Girls, have you seen all of the trends happening on the SS 2015 runways? Damn yes there are a lot of colorful pieces, various textures, and of course some fashion pieces that are actually appropriate even for fall. The trend that takes the centre stage this time is chic culottes.

Personally I can’t wear them because I have a very tiny body and wearing culottes just makes me kind of invisible to the world. But anywaysss, I love the shape of culottes and lots of people can wear them, including you! So that’s why I created some styling inspirations for you to use when you want to wear these very chic pants.

How to look cool in culottes(Silk Crepe de Chine Camisole, at Tibi; Pleat Front Culottes, at Topshop; New Neutrals, at Formula X, Eau Parfumee Green Tea, at Bvlgari; Almyra Suede Pumps, at Jeffrey Campbell; Leather Asymmetric Clutch Bag with Double Lock, at ASOS)

Culottes mostly have a wide voluminous leg part and while some say that culottes appear to be a tricky piece, these pants are actually very versatile and chic. To make it easier, before you wear culottes, just think of them as an A-line skirt – but is divided in the middle. So it hangs like a skirt, but is actually a pair of pants. This will help you style them easier.

For the first style, I created a polished casual look. You can begin with a pair of white culottes that hits just on your midcalf. This type of culottes is probably the most flattering one. I then combine them with a slinky pastel green cami that can balance out all the extra volume you’ve got happening on the bottom. Tuck the cami into your culottes to create an illusion of curve from your waist.

For the footwear, you should grab some shoes that can elongate your legs. Heeled sandals or shoes are the best option for this look. Choosing a flattering piece of footwear is important to make this trend work and also to show off your legs. Skyscraper shoes with slim heel will be perfect for a chic spring or summer look!

Last but not least, finish off the look with a nice clutch bag and also you can add some simple accessories like a pack of knuckle rings or statement earrings. This outfit ensemble is perfect for a polished casual look. The cami and the culottes balance each other out, and that’s all you want for when the spring comes next year!

How to Look Cool in Culottes(Boucle Sweater, at Topshop; Wide Wool Trousers, at H&M; Audacious Lipstick, at NARS; Ilana Necklace, at Nasty Gal; Corduroy Bucket Bag, at H&M; Who’s Next Leather Boots, at Jeffrey Campbell; Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, at Bobbi Brown)

I want to go for an edgier look for the second style. When wearing culottes, you can start by sticking to neutral color to keep thinks looking timeless. Black culottes are super flattering, versatile and on-trend too at the moment. So wear them this time. Oh, there are various types of culottes, ones that have a very wide leg part, or ones that are smaller. As long as they fall right on your midcalf or just below your calf, you can call it culottes. For the second style, I use the smaller one.

Culottes can play havoc with your proportion even though it’s the smaller type, so choosing the right top is important for this ensemble. You can try counter the volume with a fitted knit sweater in camel or soft colors to accompany your black culottes. This combination is both edgy and polished.

Girls, wearing a pair of heeled sandals or shoes is always the best option for culottes. However, if you have a modelesque – very tall body figure (and because the type of culottes I chose in this style is the slim one) you can use a pair of heeled boots to complete the look. But, look closely, I pick a pair of heeled boots that has a cutting detail on the ankle part. This will help your legs looks longer. You can also wear flats sandals for culottes, as long as they look good for your legs.

Just remember, anything that accentuates the waist and slims your torso will do nicely. So before you go out from the house, make sure that the outfit are all well balanced and does not make your body look funny. Lastly, give your culottes a more fun and casual daytime flair with a touch of red lipstick and cat-eye eyeliner.

See? Culottes are super fashionable and they are somehow looking very elegant. Culottes are perfect for making the ultimate style statement. Wear them with anything from slinky camis, to crop tops, and also fitted cashmere sweater. Have fun, girls!


Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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