Let’s Welcome Spring with SNSD Jessica

If we’re talking about K-Pop, SNSD’s Jessica has always been one of my favorites. Last year, her sweet face was seen all over ‘SOUP’ ads, and this year, Jessica is back to being an ambassador for the brand that has a romantic, casual, and young image.

For the Spring Summer 2014 collections of SOUP, Jessica was seen wearing clothes with fresh colors that really fit the concept, which is going to be used for the upcoming summer. We will discuss some of her styles seen in the latest promotional photo shoot for ‘SOUP’.

Jessica Soup 3Jessica was indeed well suited to be the brand ambassador for SOUP and all the clothing worn in this shoot makes her personality that’s usually ‘stolid’ (she is sometimes called the ice princess) totally invisible. We can see in the first photo, while smiling, Jessica wore  a white chiffon top combined with patterned ruffled skirt. After you look at this photo, I bet you want to really go to the beach ASAP and wear the same clothes just like she did!

Jessica Soup 1If you want to go on a vacation to Korea or somewhere else that is now in the transition from winter to spring, a combination of pink blazer with a high waisted short is perfect to wear. Do not be afraid to wear bright colored blazer for spring or summer, because  dark-colored blazers are actually boring and make your look ain’t fun!

Jessica Soup 2Does your dog start to bark continuously because you do not take it for a walk? Or maybe you’re too lazy to dressed up just to walk in the park? Look at Jessica! You can take her style here for inspiration. The patterned sleeveless dress from SOUP is easy to wear and also really comfortable to wear for a  leisurely stroll in the afternoon.

Jessica Soup 4See, Jessica is really the right choice to be the brand ambassador for SOUP! Besides being active in various fields, her fresh sweet face makes us  want to wear the clothes that she wears in this photo shoot for the upcoming summer. Straw hat or cap made ​​of embroidered bamboo like this one isn’t only for the beach, you know. You can use the whole look for brunch with family on Sunday morning or to hang out with friends at the cafe you love.

If you want to see the behind the scenes video for the fashion spread, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewzWMnqon54

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