Kanye West’s YEEZUS!

On May 17th, the whole world saw (with a jaw drop) a big projection of a big ass Kanye West face rapping a song called ‘New Slaves’ in 66 locations all over the world, followed by a Saturday Night Live performance with another new song called ‘Black Skinhead’. And thus, God released Yeezus to the whole world. Yeezus season approaches.

Yeezus, the sixth work Kanye made, has a complex simplicity in it. Like when the first track starts (On Sight), the majority of the song features Daft-Punk dark raw synth style (with a little help from, well, Daft Punk themselves), and samples ‘He’ll Give Us What We Really Need’. Something that either a man with a plan or a simple egotistic genius musician would do in producing. The whole album is a result of eliminating parts that we think should have been ‘there’ in a song (and that’s with a little help from Rick Rubin, another bearded god). yeezus-coverI Am a God’ is a mastery of narcissism someone could possibly give (man, somehow Kanye managed to put ‘God’ featured in his song list. Seriously! You can check it for yourself in Wikipedia), but he did it in a horror-core dark style he seems to like now. It’s all dark and red till the screaming-running dude came, bringing the song to another level of darkness. Making you plucked into the seat. This song redifines our preception of a ‘God’.

Blood on the Leaves’ is the heart and the most important song on the album. The song also samples 3 songs and the most important one is ‘Strange Fruit’ by Nina Simone, and for a musician who focuses on sampling, this is a hard responsibility, due to the importance of the sample given, right? One wrong step and it’s all downhill from there. But he proves his determination on writing something people wound’t get on a first-time-listen, and an awe after the third Yeezus lap.

I imagine this album is a top hit in sub underground industrial club in Europe. Yeezus has no album artwork, no booklet, no nothing. Just a CD and a little red tape in it. We dont know why and we should not find out why, because Kanye’s infamous forward-to-the-future-or-doing-shit-for-his-own-fun has spread all over the industry. Like he said on Black Skinhead, ‘Baby we living at the moment I been a menace, for the longest, but I aint finished, I’m devoted, and you know it.’ He ain’t stopping, man. Kanye is not just working on his album for a career, he’s also one of the fashion pioneers, collaborating with lots of top-end fashion brands, making a fast sold out blank t-shirts and trying to re-emerge leather pants.

Go listen to Yeezus now!!

Written and contributed by Fadil Mcgee

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