Jeremy Scott is Dressing Katy Perry for Super Bowl

Expect some wild onstage outfits for this year’s Super Bowl half-time show, because Moschino’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, is going to be dressing his longtime muse, Katy Perry! Perry is one of Scott’s closest celebrity friends, so this news is not entirely surprising.

katy perry and jeremy scottcredits: MTV

Katy Perry revelealed the news when E! Online did a video interview with her, saying: “I called one of my best friends and I thought this would be an incredible moment to share with one of my favourite designers, Jeremy scott. So he’ll be designing all of my costumes.”

Are you excited for the funky, crazy, and outrageous outfits she’ll be wearing on stage? Looking back at the most recent Moschino show, there might be plenty of sequins, sparkle, colors, and prints! We can’t wait to see the looks during the Super Bowl half-time show February 1st!

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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