How to Rock Streetwear and Band Merchandises

First of all, it’s such an honor to share my contribution to MSI as Shida had previously offered me to write about the emerging waves of streetwear and band merchandise styling ideas which also associate a lot with my personal style. Besides sharing ideas regarding my personal style (that revolves around the said clothes) I’m here to envisage a new perspective that girls can rock band shirts and streetwear too, without having to pay concern to the sexist society that keeps on dictating that it’s “unladylike” to wear such clothes. Screw gender stereotypes and subvert against them; clothes have no genders!

I’ve always been tremendously captivated by the urban and/or skate culture and the clothing brands related to it, that most people prefer to call streetwear. To this day there are just so many remarkable brands to keep on track of — and my personal favorites happen to be Undefeated, Raised by Wolves, HUF, Thrasher, Secret Stash, Neighborhood, A Bathing Ape, Villain Attire, and Lifted 47.

 streetwear 1 (1) Foo Fighters Shirt, at FEA Merchandising (2) Denim Shorts by Levi’s (3) Skull Necklace by Phillipp Plein (4) 5-strings Snapback by Undefeated (5) Foundation Skateboard Deck by Thrasher (6) Sneakers, at the Bathing Ape

I first got into streetwear due to my fondness towards skateboarding and collecting Vans shoes, that I began doing at the age of 14. Ever since that time I began to explore more brands and concepts of the skate culture itself and my infatuation kept growing until now; I keep on track of everything related to those brands through a lot of sources; Hypebeast and High Snobiety are the notable ones to name a few.

In Jakarta which happens to be the city I live in, it’s nice to see that this culture has emerged quite extensively as the amount of uprising concept stores that sell streetwear apparels has been growing — I regularly find myself strolling around some concept stores at Panglima Polim (darn it, this area has the best stores ever) such as Widely Project, Maris, and Footurama; also Crooz Store in Duren Tiga and District in Blok S. Those happen to be the concept stores I visit the most.

streetwear 2(1) Deafheaven Shirt, at (2) Denim Shorts, at Topshop (3) Socks, at HUF x Thrasher (4) BS 5 Panel Cap, at Undefeated (5) Earrings, at Social Anarchy Designs (6) Sk8 Hi Shoes, at Vans

Besides streetwear, another salience that represents me the most happens to be band merchandise outfits. I have always loved collecting band merchandise outfit in a myriad of forms; tee shirts, raglan shirts, hoodies, totebags — to the point that my wardrobe mainly contains of band shirts.

streetwear 3(1) Punk Print Sweatshirt, at R13 (2) Strapback Cap, at HUF (3) Shoes, at Comme des Garcons x Dr. Martens (4) Earrings, at Social Anarchy Designs (5) Star Wars Watch, at Amazon (6) Avengers Necklace, at Amazon (7) Zip Skirt, at Yves Saint Laurent

I have always thought that wearing band merchandises is a really decent way to show our dedications toward the bands we’re fond of. As a side note; band shirts look best when paired with flannels as an outer! And those three pictures above are some of my styling ideas that represent my personal style the most!

Written by: Ralka S. (Music and Social Issues contributor on ANTIGONE mag)

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